Since I’m over 70, can I exercise outside in the summer?

Since I’m over 70, can I exercise outside in the summer?

Last week I was talking with one of my senior buddies who was lamenting the fact that his kids didn’t want him outside too much this summer because he could get too much sun or get dehydrated. He said, “What am I supposed to do, stay inside and watch the news all day? I’ll go crazy if I have to do that!”

Here are some tips I offered for seniors to exercise safely this summer:

  1. Swimming or Water Aerobics - Water-based activities are helpful for seniors to beat the heat and stay fit. These activities are low impact to help individuals who have arthritis or stiff joints. Water exercises can also increase bone density and muscle mass to help with flexibility and reduction of pain.
  1. Going for a Walk - Walking strengthens bones, improves mobility, and decreases pain which is crucial to those over 65. A fun and creative alternative is organizing a treasure hunt with the grandkids or neighborhood kids. This way, your body AND brain get a workout!
  1. Playing Pickleball - The court-based game is similar to tennis, but in many ways is easier to manage. Along with enhancing balance and flexibility, the game also increases upper body range of motion. Overall, it is a fun and effective way to stay healthy through the summer.
  1. Go Fishing -Many of my senior friends spent a lot of great days on the lake or pond trying to reel in the big one, but they have not been fishing in many years. It usually takes a walk or hike to get to the fishing spot, then the physical and mental benefits are endless!

Of course, before starting any summer exercise routine, we should always be sure to consult our physician, wear appropriate sunblock, and stay hydrated! At Danbury Senior Living, our outdoor spaces are customized for walking, gardening, and other forms of exercise. But it’s safe to say that our bus trips to parks and museums are the most popular for everyone getting exercise!

To learn more about “The Danbury Difference” for safe, summer senior exercise, give us a call today or visit us on Facebook!

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