• Quality


    Resort-style living, 24/7 nursing staff, and the safety and security you need to move about independently and care-free.

  • Vitality


    Health means wellness in body, mind, and spirit; Danbury connects all three so you can live a vibrant life.

  • Flexibility


    Your home, your space, and your freedom, to live the life you want to live.

Resort-style living for the next stage of life


Our Mission: Enhancing lives through serving others by creating vibrant, caring, and exceptional communities. 

Why wait until you need to make a change when you could begin enjoying the freedom, social life, security, and comfort of Danbury Senior Living now? Danbury Senior Living provides high-quality amenities and services for every stage of senior life so that our residents can live fully.

Each of Danbury’s facilities throughout Ohio promises quality, vitality, and flexibility to its residents.


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Resort-Style Living

Delicious meals, exceptional facilities, and diverse recreational opportunities to cultivate social engagement within a thriving community

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24/7 Nursing Staff

Highly qualified staff committed to your care, and leadership devoted to realizing the Danbury Difference

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Safety and Security

Space to move about as independently as you’re able with the confidence of protection and facilitation when needed


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Healthy Lifestyle

At Danbury, you’ll never lack for something to do. Engage in a regular routine of healthy diet, exercise, and social time to extend both quality and quantity of life.

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Medication Management

Our staff are here to help make sure what you’ve been prescribed to keep you healthy is being administered appropriately so you can rest assured your health needs are managed.


Financial Freedom

Unlike other assisted living facilities, there are no contracts with Danbury.  If for some reason you decide to relocate to another facility, you have the full freedom to choose what’s best for you.

Your Life, Your Home, Your Space

When you move to Danbury, you aren’t settling into a temporary holding space - you are moving into a new home, and home should feel like home. Bring the things that are important to you, including your pets, your furniture, your books and your plants. When you come to Danbury, you come home.

As a full-service senior living facility, there will never be a need to move from one place to another - as your needs change, Danbury provides individualized care for your health.



Call Danbury Senior Living “Home”

Dorothy may have claimed there’s “No Place Like Home,” but when you choose Danbury, Danbury becomes home.

While each of our communities delivers the same level of quality and professionalism, they each have their own personality.

Situated in towns across Ohio, Danbury Senior Living brings you closer to everything you love and deserve. At Danbury, you’ll never feel isolated or alone.

There’s no place like Danbury. Call Danbury home.



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