How can we celebrate Memorial Day with our Seniors?

How can we celebrate Memorial Day with our Seniors?

As wonderful as it is to have a 3-day weekend to celebrate the start of summer, it’s easy to forget the importance of Memorial Day to our country and our seniors. Did you know that Memorial Day didn’t even become “Memorial Day” until 1966? Many of our friends and family over 70 will remember the national change from Decoration Day to Memorial Day and the effect it had on The Greatest Generation.

As many younger people plan their 3-day vacations, let’s keep in mind some great ways to help our senior loved ones commemorate Memorial Day, as many of them understand the pain of losing someone to the tragedy of war.

  1. Fly a flag. As simple as this is, don’t forget to include your seniors when putting the flag in place.
  2. Visit Monuments. Though it may not be possible to get out and tour these monuments, one may drive by with the family and see and talk about them.
  3. Pay tribute and remember. Initiate a conversation about soldiers they knew of who died at war and record the conversation for posterity. Details aren’t necessary, just good memories!
  4. Red Poppies. Many seniors will remember wearing a Red Poppy and decorating with them as they cited “In Flanders Fields.”
  5. National Moment of Remembrance. Something very easy and important to do is to observe the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. on Memorial Day. While we honor the fallen in silence, it will be nice to sit together with loved ones in memory of fallen soldiers.

At Danbury Senior Living, observing Memorial Day and all holidays is as important to our quality of life as our chef prepared meals. Call today to learn more about The Danbury Difference.

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