Staying Healthy as a Care Partner

Staying Healthy as a Care Partner

Care partners and loved ones of people with Parkinson’s need support and tailored education focused on the disease, their role in caring for their loved one, and how to address and maintain their own physical and mental health when their instinct may be to downplay how important self-care is. 

 Within the Parkinson’s Foundation Care Partner Program: Building a Care Partnership, the course titled “Staying Healthy as a Care Partner” features AARP’s Family and Caregiving Expert Amy Goyer, who shares how important it is for care partners and their loved ones to be on the same page about mutually caring for one another. She shares that care partners should “remember to reiterate that you have the same goal: for them to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. You’re on the same team, and that means taking care of you and taking care of me.”

 Within the course you’ll also hear from two expert Parkinson’s care partners. Lori shares the role that support groups have played in her journey since her husband was diagnosed with young onset PD over 17 years ago. Bernard shares how he and his wife Denise have negotiated their roles and set aside the time they each need for themselves as they navigate the early stages of her Parkinson’s disease as well as their roles as parents, grandparents, business owners and volunteers.

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