My hearing is getting worse every year. What can I do?

My hearing is getting worse every year. What can I do?

Did you know that The National Institute on Aging reports a solid relationship between aging and hearing loss?  As many as half of all individuals age 75 and older encounter hearing difficulties.

It can be frustrating because senior hearing loss normally sneaks up gradually. Seniors with hearing loss typically wait on average seven years before getting help, and more than 15 million people in the U.S. with hearing loss skip seeking help altogether!

Even though hearing loss is irreversible, here are some tips to improve things:

  • Position yourself to hear better by facing the person talking.
  • Turn off all distracting background noise.
  • Ask others to speak clearly, and loudly if necessary.
  • Find quiet settings to listen better.
  • Think about using an assistive listening device/hearing device, including television-listening systems or telephone-amplifying products.
  • Look into using devices such as flashing/vibrating clocks, smartwatches, and phones, visible doorbell alerts. There are many creative and useful items on the market.
  • Don’t be too proud to wear a hearing aid. Don’t worry about how it “makes you look.” No one notices if you wear one. They only notice when you don’t wear one!

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