I am taking care of my dad and I am exhausted. Is there a solution?

I am taking care of my dad and I am exhausted. Is there a solution?

As of 2020, according to AARP, more than one in five Americans (50.3 million adults) were caring for an older adult, up from 43.5 million in 2015 which is up from 34 million in 2008. Further studies have shown that unpaid family caregivers spend about 28 hours a week assisting loved ones. That’s more than a part-time job added on to the normal responsibilities of the caregiver like work, their own family, hobbies, etc.

These wonderful family caregivers help with daily activities like eating, bathing, and dressing. Many also provide medical support such as scheduling physician checkups, managing medications, cleaning wounds, and giving injections.  Most of these caregivers are part of the sandwich generation, meaning they have a full-time job and kids to care for. They are more than five times as likely to miss out on important activities in their own lives and more than three times as likely to suffer lost productivity at work due to their caregiving responsibilities.

If this sounds familiar, give us a call. Danbury Senior Living is your hometown expert on aging solutions. Whether it be a long-term or a short-term stay, we can help with an assessment to see how your loved one would fit in senior living. Give yourself a break and let us help. Call today to learn more.

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