Danbury Senior Living: A Safe Working Environment

Danbury Senior Living: A Safe Working Environment

Early on in the pandemic, senior living facilities were considered higher risk for Covid contraction, and not without reason. With vulnerable residents living in close quarters, the lack of vaccinations, and other unanswered questions about stemming the spread, both potential residents and employees worried about the risks. However, because of these very concerns, senior living facilities are now one of the safest places to live and work, especially Danbury Senior Living. Here’s why!

Stringent Safety Protocols 

Danbury staff continue to practice safety measures, such as maintaining clean and disinfected facilities, washing hands frequently, wearing N95 masks, and requiring social distancing among residents. Buildings are limited to one point of entry and exit, with temperatures taken upon arrival and departure. 

Danbury volunteered to start testing before it was mandated by the state, and staff continue to get tested on a consistent basis. “We go above and beyond the rules and guidelines set by the state,” says Bob, Regional Director of Business Development & Marketing. Staff members have stepped up their already high level of commitment and compassion by practicing strict levels of social distancing outside of their work day, helping new residents to feel comfortable moving in. “It’s hard,” says Erin, a nurse at Danbury, “but it’s worth it to keep them safe.” Another nurse summarizes Danbury’s values with this statement: “If it were my grandparent, how would I want them to be treated?” 


Vaccinations, of course, have been the major game changer in the battle against Covid. Danbury is proud to be an early adopter of the vaccination, with nearly every resident in every Danbury location fully vaccinated. 


Senior living communities are now one of the safest places to live and work. Unlike hospitals that have rotating "residents," thus opening patients up to wider exposure to germs, senior facilities have the same people living and working together, day in, day out. In fact, communities like Danbury are safer than many residents’ previous homes, where friends, family, delivery people, and others come and go without strict safety protocols and regular screenings. “They are safer at Danbury, and they are more enriched at Danbury, than they were previously,” says a Danbury employee. Staff members have made sacrifices, adapted to the challenge, and “rolled with the punches” in order to ensure that residents not only survive Covid, but thrive in spite of it. 

Now that we are well into 2021, we understand so much more about Covid. We’ve implemented safety protocols, developed vaccines, and learned how to make the most of a challenging situation. The dedicated staff at Danbury has grown closer through this experience, bringing new meaning to our commitment to “creating vibrant, caring, and exceptional communities.”

Apply at Danbury and join a caring team who puts the health and welfare of its residents and staff first.

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