How to Stay Connected
When We Have to Stay Apart

How to Stay Connected <br/>When We Have to Stay Apart

Coronavirus has taken its toll, not only on health and finances, but on our relationships with the people we love most. Seemingly overnight, many of us have lost the ability to visit our loved ones in person, especially those who live in assisted living communities

While nothing can replace in-person contact completely, there are still many creative ways to keep in touch that will help make these trying times a little easier.

Technology to the Rescue

It’s no secret that technology has played a huge role in these times of quarantine. From video conferencing to e-learning to ordering groceries, people everywhere are relying on the internet to keep them connected to the world. Technology can be a lifeline when it comes to staying in touch with family residing in assisted living communities.

Many communities are assisting their residents with FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or Messenger to see their loved ones face to face. A simple check in and conversation can be a great comfort and bright spot in someone’s day, but feel free to get creative as well. Some people are using these opportunities to sing together, read stories, watch shows, dance, and share performances from grandchildren. If it’s not possible to coordinate a live meeting, record and send videos that can be played later. Nothing compares to seeing the faces of the people you love most.

Windows to the Soul

Want to get even closer while still abiding by the rules of social distancing? Try visiting your loved one through a window, whether to their room or another approved space in their living community. By talking on the phone, you can still make sure you hear one another through the glass. And just like with video chats, you can get creative. Bring other family members to show off their pets, craft projects, musical talents, and other reminders that the world is still a beautiful place, even in quarantine.  

Tangible Reminders 

Now more than ever, physical reminders of your love will go a long way in bringing cheer. Send handwritten cards and letters and photo albums (always wash your hands before and after handling items you send in the mail), but don’t forget other comfort items as well. Flowers, a comfy sweatshirt, or a favorite snack will delight their senses and remind them of how much they are loved.

At Danbury, we are committed to helping our residents and their loved ones stay in touch while keeping health and safety at the forefront. For more information and updates during the COVID-19 crisis, visit our COVID-19 response page or contact us.

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