Types of Jobs Serving Senior Living Communities

Types of Jobs Serving Senior Living Communities

An exceptional senior living community is truly a community, bringing together a number of people in diverse roles to help residents thrive physically, emotionally, and socially. At Danbury Senior Living, our teams at each of our communities work closely together with a shared purpose and vision, supporting one another in giving their best to help residents feel like family.  

LPNs, STNAs, and Resident Care Companions

LPNS (Licensed Practical Nurses), STNAs (State Tested Nursing Assistants), and Resident Care Companions focus on caring for residents’ physical needs while forming bonds that bring mutual enrichment to their lives. STNAs and Resident Care Companions assist residents with daily personal care routines, accompany them to meals and activities, and assist them with various other daily needs as necessary. LPNs  provide direct nursing care to residents, prepare and administer medications, perform routine charting and documentation duties, and perform other duties necessary to ensure that our residents’ total regimens of care are maintained. 

While LPNs require licensing and STNAs certification, a Resident Care Companion requires no prior education in the field. With education benefits, many Danbury employees “rise in the ranks” from Resident Companion to STNA to LPN and even Directors of Nursing while maintaining a fulfilling, day-to-day job at a workplace that feels like family. 

Service and Activities 

From cooks and dining servers to housekeepers, maintenance assistants, bus drivers, and life enrichment coordinators and assistants, Danbury team members who provide services to residents make an enormous difference in seniors’ day-to-day lives. 

At Danbury, no employee is ever just “behind the scenes.” Colin, line cook at Danbury Parkside Village, stays fairly busy with his scheduled tasks but still has many opportunities to interact with the people he serves: “I like connecting with residents,” he says. “That’s really a big thing for me...getting to know them and hearing their words of wisdom and stories from their younger days.” Listening to seniors and valuing their stories is an integral part of working in a senior living community. For Danbury employees, the joy is mutual. 

Administrative and Managerial 

The Danbury mission is Enhancing lives through serving others by creating vibrant, caring, and exceptional communities. Those in administrative and managerial positions are responsible for making sure that mission is communicated consistently among departments and employees. But they don’t stay tied to their desks. By developing relationships with employees and residents, they strive for excellence by nurturing a friendly and caring environment. 

The Danbury Difference

Because of Danbury’s integrated approach to senior care, every community naturally takes on a warm and inviting atmosphere, and employees quickly notice the difference.  “You don't even feel like you're working all the time,” says Tammy, LPN at Danbury Broadview Heights, “because the atmosphere is like a family environment. I’ve worked in a nursing home situation before, and it’s so much more enjoyable to be in a place that’s not institutionalized. You actually feel like you’re in apartments and fancy hallways. It feels more like home.”

Join the Danbury Team

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