Options for Downsizing after Retirement

Options for Downsizing after Retirement

When it comes to retirement, downsizing doesn’t have to be a dirty word. The best years of your life are upon you, and you deserve to enjoy them as a free spirit unburdened by a long list of responsibilities and chores. By simplifying your life now, you can enter this exciting new stage with a focus on what’s most important: family, friends, and the passions that make you, you. But what downsizing option is the best for you?

Smaller House

When you transition into a smaller home, you lose some square footage but retain the benefit of having some extra space around you. A fence or yard affords some privacy, and if you choose a home with a basement or garage, you have more storage options, too. If you enjoy entertaining, a single family home may make it easier to host parties or holiday get-togethers.

With a house, of course, comes the responsibility of upkeep: lawns, leaves, snowy driveways, roofs, paint, and a seemingly endless list of “little things” that can add up to big headaches. You may be accustomed to the idea of freedom that comes with a house, but when you’ve got so many things to take care of, are you really free?

Standard Condo or Apartment

A condo or apartment usually offers less space than a house, but the upside is not having to contend with yard work, seasonal duties, and major maintenance projects. However, HOA fees can hit the monthly budget pretty hard, and apartment owners and landlords can prove unavailable or unreliable when you need them most. And if you get stuck with a noisy or nosy neighbor, well, you’re stuck.

Senior Living Community

In a senior living community, you get the benefits of having your own space to call home without having to worry about taking care of the property—or relying on somebody else to come through. At a community like Danbury, you are free to live your best life while a dedicated staff ensures your comfort by maintaining the grounds, providing meals, cleaning your apartment, laundering your linens, and assisting you with other needs. And if, or when, you need more assistance than a traditional independent apartment can provide, we’ve got you covered with home health or assisted living services. Our secure environment ensures your safety and privacy, but when you’re ready to mingle, we have a full calendar of social activities and outings. Best of all, you receive these benefits without large, upfront entrance fees or ongoing community fees.

Take a look at our many independent senior living amenities that bring downsizing to the up and up:

  • Your own furnishings that meet your individual needs and style
  • Safe, convenient one-floor apartment living
  • Fresh breezes on the patio
  • An apartment that fits your needs
  • A kitchen or kitchenette in every apartment
  • Cable access for your TV
  • Bi-weekly housekeeping and flat linen service
  • The safety of grab bars in the bathroom
  • Peace-of-mind in knowing a fire alarm/smoke detector/sprinkler system is in place
  • Individual, remote-controlled heating and air conditioning systems

How can Danbury make downsizing one of the best moves of your life? Call us with questions and let us help you see how you can make the most of your retirement.

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