Employee Spotlight: Doreen Jackson

Employee Spotlight: Doreen Jackson

Doreen Jackson, LPN at Cuyahoga Falls, knows what it’s like to lose a loved one. At age 17, she lost her father to cancer, experiencing firsthand the importance of committed and compassionate healthcare professionals. She has taken that perspective and applied it to her own career as an LPN at Danbury.

Doreen has been with the Cuyahoga Falls location since it opened its doors six years ago. On a typical day, she arrives at 6 am, goes over the report from the night nurse, and gets the residents ready for the morning with their medications and breakfast.  Then she assists them with getting to their morning activities, which can range from exercise classes to puzzles and trivia. Before long, it’s time for the lunch and afternoon routine, and her busy day finishes up by around 2 pm.

Doreen says her favorite part of her job is the interaction with residents and their families: “I chose to work in this type of setting because it’s more personal,” she says. “When you’re a nurse in an office, it can feel more like a turnstile, with people coming and going. Here I can build personal relationships with them one-on-one and build trust. It’s what I like best about this job.”

One of her favorite residents was a man who would go on walks every day, station himself at his “post” at the end of the street, and give a greeting to everyone who passed by. Then one day, he wasn’t there.

Doreen learned that the gentleman had gotten sick and needed assistance to get outside. She decided to help him get out to the back patio so that he could still experience the fresh air and people-watching that he loved. “Being able to talk to him and take him outside when he couldn’t do it himself was important to me,” says Doreen. “I love being able to help them do what they want to do when they feel like they can’t.”

What does Doreen want people to know about Danbury? “We are here because we want to be here. We love our residents, and they become our extended family. You can’t do this job halfway. You have to commit to doing it completely.”

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