When is it time to consider assisted living?

When is it time to consider assisted living?

While no two situations are exactly alike, there are several factors to consider that may indicate it’s the right time to make the move to assisted living. By paying attention to these signs, you and your loved ones can feel more confident about whether it’s time to make a change–and then move forward in anticipation!


Health Considerations

Aging is a funny thing–one minute you can feel sprite and independent, and the next, a change in your or your partner’s health can change the course of your daily life. When faced with sudden changes in health needs, it can be difficult to assess your family’s situation with clarity.

Some health changes can be managed with ease–pill organizers or college kids who shovel steps and mow the yard, for instance, can help. Some of these challenges present stress to daily life you just don’t need to deal with on your own in your golden years. Assisted living can provide extra help now, when the common symptoms of aging begin to slow you down.

It might be a more pressing time to consider the support of assisted living if you are dealing with any of these common health concerns:

  • Inability to prepare healthy meals
  • Trouble managing medication
  • Difficulty with showering, hygiene, and eating
  • Lack of safe opportunities for physical fitness


Household Challenges

Even though the family home has been a place of comfort and security for years, that same space can begin to feel like a whole lot of work as we age! You can leave behind the emotional stress and worry of maintaining a household by choosing assisted living: 

  • Navigating steps and stairways safely
  • Taking care of the yard work and other seasonal chores
  • Maintaining appliances
  • Dealing with repair workers
  • Wishing for the security of additional protections: safety grab bars, fire alarms, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems


Financial Concerns

It may seem more wise financially to try to stay put in a current living situation rather than make a move to a new space. But there’s more to maintaining that independence than meets the eye:

  • Renovations to accommodate changing health needs in the home can be extremely costly and lower resale property value.
  • Keeping track of bills and living expenses can become overwhelming or confusing, causing missed payments or neglected purchases of necessities.
  • Utility expenses may rise as a result of keeping the heat or air conditioning at uncomfortable temperatures.
  • Family heirlooms could bring more stress than pleasure, worrying about entrusting treasured objects to family members.


Social Considerations

It’s true all throughout our lives–healthy, regular interactions with others makes for a more full and lasting life. An assisted living setting helps you avoid these common experiences of seniors:

  • Limiting activities because of difficult weather or lack of transportation.
  • Feeling lonely and isolated at home, with only a television or radio for “company.”
  • Lacking a social network of peers with which to share common life experiences.


We do not need to spend the best years of our lives wrestling with financial, social, physical, and emotional challenges. Let other people worry about these details as you enjoy all that life has to offer.

Danbury Senior Living can help you navigate the decision-making process as you consider making the move to assisted living. Call us to schedule a tour and experience the Danbury Difference today!

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