What's the Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

What's the Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

Assisted living and independent living: many residential communities offer both of these living arrangements, but the two are not interchangeable! Understanding the difference between these residential services will help you make the best decision as you explore next steps.

Independent Living

Independent living is the ideal situation for senior adults who want to enjoy the better things in life without juggling the hassles of managing their own household. It’s the perfect balance for the resident who on some days feels like striking out on their own and on other days wants to kick back and let others do the work.

At Danbury, the independent living arrangement provides seniors with a safe and convenient apartment, which they can stylize and decorate with their own personal touches from home. Residents can choose to spend a quiet night alone with their favorite show or book, or, with select balcony units, sit outside to appreciate the sunset. With their own private kitchen, residents can cook their favorite recipes or drive themselves to their preferred stores or restaurants. But they don’t always have to go it alone.

The beauty of independent living is that seniors can choose to take advantage of a number of resort-style opportunities provided by Danbury staff: chef-prepared dinner with friends in the top-notch dining room, transportation to shopping and appointments, and bi-weekly housekeeping and flat linen service. They can also participate in a number of social programs and activities, enjoying the “built-in friendships” that independent living communities provide. And, if down the road residents find themselves needing more assistance, they can receive additional services–home health or assisted living–right in their own apartment.

Assisted Living

Seniors who find themselves needing more consistent care than what a typical independent living arrangement provides can benefit from assisted living. Like independent living, assisted living usually provides residents with individual apartments. At a resort-style facility like Danbury, these apartments feature a number of highly sought after amenities, such as neutral carpet and tile; individual, remote-controlled heat and air conditioning; large windows with beautiful views; bathrooms with safety features; and cable television.

Assisted living also provides a number of supportive services to maximize residents’ health and wellness, such as 24-hour on-site licensed nurse and resident companions, a 24-hour response system, and weekly housekeeping and laundry services. Residents can nurture their social connections through scheduled programs and trips or relax with friends in the fireplace lounge, sunrooms, and beauty or barber salon. However an assisted living resident chooses to spend their time, they will never be far from the support they need.

In addition to offering assisted living services, Danbury provides memory care, a specialized program for residents with Alzheimer’s or other memory disorders. The memory care staff understand how memory impairments can disrupt even the simplest routines; they are trained to create comfortable and familiar surroundings to help their resident partners thrive in mind, body, and soul.

Whether you are making definite plans for the future or simply exploring options, we invite you to reach out to the Danbury community you’re interested in and learn more about the many amenities of independent living, assisted living, and memory care at Danbury Senior Living.

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