Is nursing right for you? Find out before starting school!

Is nursing right for you? Find out before starting school!

If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse or STNA, chances are you already love helping people. You probably also have a natural interest in the medical field. However, there is no real substitute for getting experience in the day-to-day life of a nurse or STNA, learning the rhythms, details, demands, and rewards of the career.

As a Resident Companion at Danbury, you’ll get your feet wet in the medical field, particularly nursing, and confirm whether this is the career for you. And if you determine that nursing is your dream? Then you will have gained a wealth of experience to add to your resume!

What You’ll Learn

A Resident Companion teams with nurses to provide assistance to residents, providing physical and emotional needs throughout the day while developing close, rewarding relationships. As a Resident Companion, you’ll get a head start experiencing all of the following before even registering for nursing school: 


resident companion jobs hiring at danbury senior living

  • Performing assigned tasks in cooperation with personnel and in accordance with established policies and procedures
  • Creating and maintaining an atmosphere of warmth and positivity in a changing, unpredictable environment
  • Answering resident calls as promptly as possible
  • Measuring and recording weight, height, and TPRs (temperatures, pulse, and respirations)
  • Monitoring and recording resident food/fluid intake
  • Maintaining comfortable room conditions
  • Preparing residents for medical tests and exams
  • Assisting residents with hair care, nail care, shaving, dental care, bathing, and dressing/undressing as necessary
  • Assisting residents with feeding and toileting
  • Assisting with lifting, turning, moving, positioning, and transporting residents into and out of beds, chairs, bathtubs, wheelchairs, lifts, etc.
  • Operating medical equipment
  • Providing daily range of motion exercisesSample Text

 Valuable Experience 

Today’s nursing schools are competitive, many requiring experience before applying. The Resident Companion position provides experience–even better, paid experience– that will make your application stand out among those with nothing more than required classes to show.

The best way to take control of your future is to make sure you’re working for the future you truly want. As a Resident Companion at Danbury, you will not only make a difference in somebody’s life now, but ensure you’re making a difference in your own.

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