A special "thank you" to Lisa in Memory care for her caring assistance to our mother-in-law and aunt this Saturday. She said, "It is just my job." but in reality, her lovely and caring spirit is so much more. We also would like to thank ALL of the staff in Memory Care and throughout the Danbury community for all that they do for our special family members every day.

Peter K., Family Member

I wake up feeling like I'm at a resort on vacation.

Marie Weseloh
Resident of Danbury Senior Living Broadview Heights

I am well satisfied with the service. Requests are always satisfied. I would be happy to request friends and family to visit and observe. I am happy here – I am content!


We felt welcomed by the cheerful and friendly staff when we first visited. Soft music was playing and since it was chilly outdoors, a LOVELY fire in the fireplace.


My first impression of Danbury was that this would be a nice place to call my next home.


The friendliness of everyone is what I like best. The staff is so caring and helpful. The meals are well balanced and “almost” like home.


I fell in love with the community and the location. I have lived at Danbury for almost ten years and I still love our beautiful dining room.


Life can be complete here - if you choose


To me it’s like what home was.


All of you do a good job with all of us particular people.


Moving my mom to an assisted living community wasn't an easy decision, but she needed more one-on- one care. Before moving, our visits were spent making sure she was doing what she needed to do to stay healthy. I was her "mother" and our visits were not always pleasant. Now that she is settled into Danbury Woods, with the great care of the staff, I don't have to be her "mother" any more. They are the ones that handle her health concerns, keep an eye on her and make sure she is comfortable. Our visits are enjoyable now and I can go back to being her daughter again.

Jeanne Davies

My mother is very pleased with her experience. She's a retired RN and former DON at a Cleveland hospital who understands patient care. She is very complimentary of the staff and the help she is receiving.


I've come to recognize and see first-hand how great the staff and accommodations are.


Moving from my Condo to Danbury Wooster was an easy choice for me. I couldn’t live alone anymore and I feel safe here. Everyone is kind and compassionate and it’s just terrific having so many people around.

“Mouse”- Mary Alice Barrett - Resident

Walking into Danbury of Wooster is like walking into Mom and Dad’s home. Just like “Cheers”, everybody knows your name.

Ellen Hammond - family member

I feel at home here at Sanctuary Grande. The people, staff and other residents are just great. Everyone loves to get involved and participate in the activities and programs, play euchre and watch the many, wonderful entertainers. There is so much to do here, no time to take a nap!

Emily K. - Resident

Sanctuary Grande is a wonderful community. I have met so many amazing staff members who have made me feel at home. Everyone is so friendly and caring. This is a new phase in my life and I am very happy here.

Phyllis K. - Resident

I have other names for Sanctuary Grande. . .Shangri-La, Nirvana, utopia, and Heaven on Earth. The people that work here are so compassionate and kind. The food is just incredible! The atmosphere is conducive to health, growth and peace. It’s beautiful and the whole community is just wonderful!

Rosalie N. - Resident

I work for the best company on Earth. Sanctuary Grande is truly a community, one in which everyone has purpose and a meaningful role. Danbury’s philosophy is alive at Sanctuary Grande. . .we promote individual happiness, life enrichment and overall optimal health and vitality.

Alicia Hoffman - Life Enrichment Director

Living at Danbury is like being with family.

Sam Watkins - Resident

We love it here. The staff works hard to make everyone comfortable; they work hard at keeping residents engaged in day to day activities, dining is always delicious and you can feel that the staff genuinely cares about its community. We recommend Danbury to all of our friends


The staff is friendly and goes beyond what they have to. You can tell that everyone works together to make Danbury comfortable. The food is excellent with an excellent selection, and there are things to do throughout the day. The staff makes us all feel like this is home and is very supportive of our needs. We highly recommend Danbury!


My husband Jim was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in 2008 at the age of 58. In May of this year I made the difficult decision to place Jim at Danbury Woods in the Memory Impairment Unit. His cognitive and visual decline and the demands on me as a caregiver warranted this heart-breaking transition.


As a registered nurse who worked in geriatric nursing for many years and Jim’s primary caregiver at home, I feel so fortunate to have chosen Danbury Woods Assisted Living as his new home. The staff are friendly, kind, patient, and very generous with their time. Jim and the other residents are treated with dignity and respect when care is provided. During the course of the day the calendar includes a variety of appropriate activities, pet therapy, exercises, and one on one attention when warranted. The atmosphere is welcoming and meals are delicious and nutritious. Danbury Woods has become my husband’s home now. I feel part of the Danbury Woods’s family.


The end of May, 2014, my dad, 94 ½, came to Danbury. From the first day, he was happy in this very friendly, clean, colorful atmosphere of assisted living. Every staff member is genuinely interested and caring. He enjoys the meals also. I would highly recommend Danbury to anyone requiring living assistance.


I wanted to thank all the staff at Danbury who helped us celebrate mom's 90th birthday and the delicious meal that was prepared for us. Thank you so much. We had a wonderful time!


Thank You for having such a beautiful place that my mom decided to call "home". The staff treated Mom so kind just like she was the only person there.


The staff’s thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. The kindness and personal interest they showed my mother will never be forgotten.


When we made the decision to move mom and dad into assisted living, it was a difficult decision. They lived with my husband and me, with other family close by, for two years, and we cherished this time with them. However, caregiving became more and more difficult, and we knew we had to do something more.

I should not have worried. Moving mom and dad to Parkside was one of the best decisions we have ever made, and actually, should have made sooner. From the moment we walked into the door, the look and feel of the facility was very homelike and nurturing. Each and every person made us feel welcome, and made the transition easy.

I've worked in healthcare for over 40 years- first as a bedside nurse, and later as a hospital administrator. I know what good care is, and how extremely important compassion and quality care are, particularly for those most in need. I feel very good about the care that my parents have, and are receiving. Dad passed away last summer, and each and every one of the staff mourned with us as though they lost one of their own family. Mom is in Memory Care now, and we feel confident that she is continuing to receive loving and compassionate care. I could not praise Parkside enough for the good work that they do each and every day. It takes a special kind of person to work with the elderly and those with special needs, and Parkside has those special people in abundance.


After visiting many assisted living and memory care units in the Columbus area, we are extremely excited and grateful to have found Parkside Village. From the moment dad arrived, the incredibly compassionate, talented and dedicated staff have treated him like family. The staff’s infectiously positive attitude permeates every interaction in the building and creates a happy and loving living environment. High quality standards are the norm at Parkside Village and are evident in the assistance dad receives from the staff, the delicious meals served and in all communications with our family. We are blessed to have found the perfect home for dad.


Our family is delighted by Parkside. My mother moved there in the fall of 2012, and from the very first moment, it was abundantly clear that this is a caring, supportive, and quite dynamic community, set amidst the scenic beauty and logistical convenience of the Westerville area. When a problem, question or issue has arisen, it has been dealt with quickly and satisfactorily by the Parkside staff. Hence we don't think of Parkside as a "facility" or "institution"; we think of it as my Mother's home. It has been a great pleasure -- and it has engendered a great peace of mind for the rest of my family -- to watch my Mother thrive at Parkside.


We moved my parents into Parkside Village the day they opened in April, 2012. It was one of the best decisions we have made concerning their care and well-being. There are many wonderful things we love about Parkside. When you come for a visit you will be able to see for yourself the wonderful facilities, the bright and open common areas, the choices of apartments, the beautiful country setting, and the numerous amenities. HOWEVER, the very best thing about Parkside Village has been the staff. They are without a doubt the most, friendly, caring, giving group of people you could ever hope to find. Every single staff member has gone out of their way to get to know our parents on a personal level, to discover their likes and dislikes, to make them feel welcome and a part of the community. The chefs not only make delicious meals, but they come out to the dining area and visit and get to know the residents. They asked Dad what his favorite pie was, and then served it to him the next night. They found out he liked his tea very hot, and not luke-warm. The activities-director found out Dad was not a “crafts” person, but loves musical programs, so she makes sure she comes to his apartment to remind him when a guest musician comes in. The medical staff has been easy to work with and extremely caring. When our mother passed away not long after we moved them to Parkside, the support from the medical staff was tremendous, but even more impressive was the support from EVERY staff member – from the receptionists at the front desk, to the housekeeping staff, to the maintenance men, who all came in frequently to check up on him in the weeks following her passing. We feel truly blessed to have found this wonderful community for Dad.


Moving Mom to Parkside Village has proved to be a great decision for my sisters and I, but most importantly for Mom.  The caring approach started with my first visit on an unannounced tour, through the move in process, and more importantly after realizing Mom needed a different approach than we first thought.  We were dealt with in a professional manner that was so caring and genuine.  The change has been the right decision that we were a part of.  The communication with the staff regarding changes in Mom’s personality and health has been a breath of fresh air.  I have heard a few of the staff say, ‘it’s no problem, this is how I would want my Mom cared for.’ The staff seems to communicate internally and get along well.  This has all been a great change for Mom.  Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!


Many years ago, a friend counseled me about finding a preschool for my oldest son.  'Don’t look for a place that he will love, look for a place that will love him.' Young or old, we all thrive when the people responsible for our care are kind, compassionate, and recognize what makes us unique.  The staff at Parkside doesn’t just know what my parents need; they understand who they are.  Mom and Dad have aged differently.  At Parkside they can continue to live together while Mom enjoys her independence and the social engagement, and Dad has the assistance he requires.  I have peace of mind knowing that the staff is looking out for each of their best interests.  Mom and Dad and I love Parkside, because Parkside loves them!


My mother is a resident in the Memory Care area. The staff is friendly, kind, caring and considerate. I especially like that there is a nurse on duty 24/7 to give any medical care that is needed. The staff is always ready to address any concerns that I have. But the best thing is that mom is comfortable and content at Parkside.


My mother, Irene, moved into Assisted Living at Parkside Village in early January 2013. My husband and I first became interested in Parkside because of its nearness to our home. Upon visiting, we were impressed by its newness and cleanliness, the friendly staff and residents and the amenities that were offered. Since moving in, my mother has enjoyed various programs including singing, musical entertainment, reading and current events, baking and other activities. She has required more assistance as she has aged and the staff has been very accommodating to her needs. We are very pleased with her care here and would recommend it to those in need of an assisted living environment for themselves or for a loved one.


I recommend Danbury in Columbus, as the staff was able to accommodate my need of moving my Father into an apartment with short notice. The Danbury team was fantastic about finding a fast, workable solution that would give my dad the care he needed. I have already recommended this community to friends and neighbors as a place they should consider for their loved ones.

Susan Retz

The Danbury team was fantastic about finding a fast, workable solution that would give my dad the care he needed. I have already recommended this community to friends and neighbors as a place they should consider for their loved ones.

Susan Retz

I wanted to thank you for the use of your private dinning room. It was great to have our family together to have a nice birthday party for my son. My mom was very grateful that we had the space there to hold this. Thank you for all that you do for the residents and families of Danbury in Massillon. My mom is very happy and she told me she was "living large". It made my day!

Michelle Caldwell
Massillon Danbury

My mom is very happy at the Danbury in Massillon and she told me she was "living large". It made my day!

Michelle Caldwell
Massillon Danbury

Great place to work and a great place for your loved ones to live! Wonderful staff and residents!

Danbury Wooster

We are very grateful for the opportunities you provide for the community to mix with Danbury residents, to learn about living here and to enjoy one another's company. Bingo is so fun and Vicky is such a fun hostess.

Karen Schaaf
North Canton

The first day I walked into Danbury Senior Living in North Canton, I felt the warm embrace of family. The staff was so friendly and welcoming and I loved that two of the staff were seniors that I would be working with. There were a number of residents sitting in the lobby visiting with one another. Someone told something funny and everyone was laughing. I couldn't help but join in. The residents started asking me about myself and I knew it was a place I would love working. Over the years I have heard many adventures from the residents about their lives before they came to live at Danbury. Everyone says "I should have made this move sooner."

Kathy McDonald
Danbury Senior Living
North Canton

Gene and I want to thank the staff for a wonderful experience for us and for Dad (Howard Bailey) for the 3 years that he was in the Glen. It is very difficult to leave someone you love and value to strangers who will be caring for them. Once we were in the routine there and met the staff, we could relax and know that he was in good care. What a blessing and relief it was for us. I have told many people what great place Parkside Village is and will continue to do so. It will be even better with the new addition. I would like each person to know that whatever job you have there, it is so important to the residents and to their families. Again, thank you all for everything!!!

Janet Hunter

I liked everything about Danbury in Massillon. They had a lot of activities like bingo, tours and so on. They had nice walking paths. Everyone that we came in contact with was fantastic, and they even took us the to dining area to meet the chef. They do housekeeping and clean your apartment once a week, and furnish all your toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and other stuff in your bathroom. The apartment had a little kitchenette and a patio that you can go out to and set up your own furniture. It was very nice. If you want to hang pictures, they'd have their maintenance man come in and do that for you. They had a theater room, sports room, bistro and you can help yourself to free donuts, coffee and ice cream. They also had something like a sauna area, beautician and laundry area. If you want to go outside you can drive by yourself or they have a van that could also take you. I was highly impressed with the community and all the people.

Visitor on a tour to
Massillon Danbury

Just a note to say THANKS to you, Brad and all of your staff for making Danbury Woods such a wonderful community for all the residents including L J Hostetler. Mom is the happiest she has been in many years and your staff and you are responsible for this great improvement in her life. We are certain you have added many years of enjoyment to her life. She now calls us several days a week to update us on what she is doing- we understand the Christmas Luncheon and Ugly Sweater events were a major success and brought great joy and happiness to all the residents. Thank-you so much for all you do for the Danbury Community- I trust you know it is truly appreciated. Happy Holidays to You and Your Families!

Jim and Nancy Hostetler

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the care our mother received over the past two years. Everyone – caregivers, nurses, dining servers, support staff, salon staff – treated her with respect and dignity. The staff’s devotion to providing a home-like atmosphere for the residents and their families was evident and reassuring to us. The entire staff went above and beyond during her final weeks, which is a testament to the caring people that work at Danbury. God bless you all for the work that you do.

~ Laurie, Alison, Caroline and Andrea, daughters of our beloved Genevieve

The facility is near numerous churches, shops, restaurants, businesses, and just very pleasantly arranged with many open areas inside and outside to enjoy, a lovely dining area with abundant choices on the menu. The residents we met were busy getting refreshments, setting up in the game room, and coming/going just as comfortably as family. We enjoyed how they decorated their own doorways...so fun! We especially appreciated getting to actually see and enter the actual living areas from which we may select rather then just one model and/or floor design plans. Actually seeing the various hall locations, views, and room arrangements was really helpful! The amenities are abundant with a great calendar of events, trips, and offerings. We are sure our relative will find a truly comfortable and friendly new experience here that we too will enjoy as the location is so near our home. We hope to have her visit with us soon!

Marnie & Mike S.

From the moment we stepped into your welcoming lobby, we were amazed by the spaciousness of the foyer, the brightness and cheerfulness of the surroundings with the overall feeling of a high end resort. This impression was reinforced by the facility tour and was impressive to the point that we knew this was the location we wanted for our brother/brother-in-law. In addition, the sense of caring and attention displayed by the staff was evident and comforting. On a personal note, I would hope when my circumstances would dictate extended care, that I would be fortunate enough to experience surroundings such as these.

Cathy B

I don’t have room to list all of the adjectives to tell you how our family feels about Danbury and the care you gave our mother. The staff and volunteer are special people.

Anonymous Family Member

Thank you so very much for the love and caring shown our Aunt during the 4 1/2 years that she lived at Danbury. Each and every one of you were always so sweet and nice. The atmosphere at Danbury Senior Living is so much gentler and kinder than any other senior care facility we have ever been in. Everything is so much homier and fresh looking and the extra touches of decorating for the seasons is always so cheery and much more like "home". The rooms are all very nice and everything is always so clean. We love you all and again, thank you all from our family to all of you.

Family Member

Danbury is beautiful. You didn’t leave out a thing. I love it here and will never regret coming here. Thanks for all you have done for me!


The Yaney family would like to thank you and your staff and Danbury for caring for our family matriarch during her final days of life. Your staff did this with the utmost care and compassion. We felt at home at the Danbury because your staff made us feel that way!!!

The Yaney Family

I think this is a nice place to live and I like all the outside space we have to walk. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


We feel so blessed to have found you and we tell anyone who will listen how wonderful our Danbury family is. Thank you! Thank you for employing such a remarkable staff. Thank you for the thoughtful way you run your facility. Thank you for the memories we will always hold dear. We love you all!

Family Member

“We are where we need to be, and it’s mainly due to the friendly staff and care we receive here at Danbury.”

Jo, Resident

I really like Danbury in Huber Heights. I have a room reserved for my sister at this point in time. I went there and I was very happy with it. It was quite lovely. Everything I saw was wonderful. Everything appeared to be really great. It was clean, and it looked great. The rooms were gorgeous and had lots of storage.


Absolutely I recommend Danbury Senior Living! The folks at Danbury have only one concern... to offer the utmost care for seniors everywhere. Their facilities are top notch and they offer many activities to keep their seniors living busy and full lifestyles. The professional care at Danbury is catered to the needs of each one of their patients on an individual basis. Family members can relax knowing their loved ones are in the best possible place they can be, at any of the many Danbury locations in and around Ohio.


Thank you again for everything you were able to do for me and my aunt during this very challenging time...it wasn't easy for anyone, but with your knowledge and expertise, I was so very impressed at how smoothly you got things done!

Elaine O.

Dr. JursekTallmadge, OH

The purpose of this letter is to put forth the efforts of the staff. They have been superb in the care of us. The culinary personnel performed exceedingly well, the household people maintained our quarters without fail, and the headquarter persons were always available to answer questions and ease our enforced-room stay. For a large institution such as ours, this is to be noted and praised. You have a great gang working for you and they should be notified of this. I, as a guest here, thank them.

Dr. Jursek
Tallmadge, OH

Very professional, friendly and helpful. I've enjoyed my stay thus far (2 week stay) and would come back again if needed. Food is also outstanding.

Betty S

When my wife, Christine and I were considering alternative options for independent living facilities, we spent a significant amount of time doing research and visiting available choices in the area. We desired to be in, or as close to, Holmes County, having so many choices that the beautiful ‘Amish Country’ has to offer.
We were pleased with other venues we visited; however, they just did not measure up to the available services we found with the independent living villas at Danbury Millersburg.
The Danbury offerings that were important in helping us to make our decision included 1) the friendliness shown us by the Sarah Friece, the Executive Director, and the entire staff whom we met during our visits. 2) The monthly calendar of events which included many very fun activities, both at Danbury and field trips. 3) The restaurant style dining available to the independent living residents at a very reasonable fee and 4) the entire facility is brand new and in tip top condition.
So, our life direction decision became a very easy one for us. However, what we did not realize at the time is our choice became even more significant than we could have ever anticipated. In June of 2022, the entire area was hit by a rare storm which resulted in power outages for a large area in our part of Ohio.
The result is that we in the villas were unable to prepare meals during the power outage. Danbury culinary services, along with other critical portions of the facility, were supported by an emergency generator. Because we were not able to prepare our meals, Danbury invited all the residents of the villas to join them daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at no cost!
What truly proved Danbury’s commitment to us and all their residents is that the Executive Director, her staff, along with the culinary team, took our restaurant orders, served our meals, and bussed the tables!
It is abundantly clear to us that all whom we have met that work at Danbury Millersburg do not consider their presence here as a job, but more of a calling of service to their fellow man! I believe that we are considered as well-loved family members by those who serve.
A service industry can buy printed and broadcast advertising; however, trust, reputation and goodwill cannot be purchased, they must be earned. In my opinion, Danbury Millersburg has richly earned and deserve recognition for each of those attributes which we value so highly.

Paul Just

First of all, I wanted to thank you for yesterday; lunch and your staff could not have been better! My mom really liked your facility and enjoyed her lunch. I doubt I could visit any other facility that would off any more kindness and resident interaction than Danbury! Thanks again for everything. Danbury is a lovely facility and I will feel very good about her being in that environment

Cindy Strawser

I just have to share...the positive change O'm already seeing in my Dad is amazing, I was visiting with him today and talking about the old days. Around 11:50, he looks at his watch and says "Well I guess we better get going." "To where?" I asked. "Lunch!" he answered. I was actually speechless. There is a new spirit in him, and I'm so very grateful.

Jill Segrist Charlton

"Thank you for the beautiful flowers, they brightened our day. I want to extend a thank you to everyone on the team at Danbury in Brunswick. From start to finish, the exceptional care that Laurie received was truly appreciated. Everyone made us feel like family. The compassion and care was beyond our expectations. Laurie's stay was a short one, but she was very happy there and even commented on how nice everyone was and she really like it there. I want to thank you all for taking such good care of Laurie and for taking our needs as family into consideration also. I will highly recommend Danbury Senior Living in Brunswick to everyone."

Pamela and Dominic

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