Resident Spotlight: Patrick Rainone

April 6, 2020


Pat Rainone remembers watching professional bowling on TV from the time he was very young. He recalls falling in love with the sport and knowing that one day he would want to take up a career in it- and that he did! Pat bowled three “300” pat 300games and nine “299” games, he even has a patch of an 800 series! He played in the same professional bowling league that he watched on TV as a child, the PBA for eight years. Pat travelled across the country doing what he loved. Through that, Pat found the person he loves, his wife Rosemary, who was also an avid bowler, they were both in the Northeast Men & Women’s League. His sports accomplishments didn’t stop there- he managed to hit a hole-in-one at Chardon Lakes Country Club in 2004. Pat is a part of the “Hole-In-One” Club. Pat’s son, an attorney named Jimmy was also a great bowler and went to John Marshall University. Aside from sports, Pat was also an Air Force Pilot for four years, which he also enjoyed.  Pat’s love of sports, including baseball scored him a job as the Manager for the Mentor High School Baseball Team, that his son Jimmy played on. Jimmy later played baseball for Mount Union.

Pat’s fandom of baseball has brought him to become close with another Danbury Mentor resident, Robert “Daddio” Grove. The two get together and talk sports, life and everything in between. They have a wonderful friendship. Before coming to Danbury of Mentor, Pat toured several communities in the area, however, when he met the leadership staff at Danbury, he knew he had found his forever home.  pat baseballPat especially enjoys talking with Life Enrichment Director, Patty Brunskole. “Patty makes it all happen, we always have something fun to do and it is all because of her.” -Pat Between hanging out with Daddio, and life enrichment activities with Patty, Mr. Rainone keeps busy at Danbury. He is also happy to report that the Danbury food is also one of his favorite things. We are so glad that you found your forever home at Danbury, Pat. We enjoy having you as one of our residents!


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