Senior Spotlight: Robert "Daddio" Grove

March 3, 2020


Robert Grove is originally from Maryland where he and his family owned and lived on a 200-acre farm and owned two coal mines in their town. The town they lived in was small, with only about 500 people in it and one stoplight. Bob’s family wasdaddio 1 tall- everyone reaching over 6 foot. To say Bob was from a baseball family, is an understatement. His uncle, Robert “Lefty” Grove, was an MLB star who played for the Boston Red Socks and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1947. Bob got to see many of his uncle’s games watching quite a few World Series Games in person.daddio 2 He even shook hands with Babe Ruth! Bob went on to play baseball and wasn’t too bad himself, he played for the AAA Boston Red Sox baseball team and loved every minute of it earning a salary of around $200 a month to play. Later, Bob and his wife moved to Cleveland where he worked in a steel mill for 40 years. They had three children, who are now a secretary, a mailman and a life enrichment director

for a senior living facility. When she was young, his daughter couldn’t say “Daddy,” so now everyone calls him Daddio!  He and his wife of 60 years later moved to Mentor, Ohio which is how he ended up at Danbury of Mentor. Bob recalls daddio 3watching it being built and was glad it was so close to where some of his family members live. Bob was one of Danbury Mentor’s first residents and now acts as the door greeter/watch dog for the building. If you walk into Danbury Mentor, you can bet that “Daddio” will be there to greet you and welcome you to the community.

At Danbury you do what you want, you can come and go and get great care, I love it here.” -Daddio

 Daddio explains that he especially loves the life enrichment activities put on by the Life Enrichment Coordinator, Patty Brunskole. He said there is always something to do and he really enjoys that. Daddio also enjoys hanging out with his best friend at Mentor, Pat. He and Pat get together and talk sports and everything else in between. Here at Danbury we are very thankful to have Daddio guarding the door at Mentor, thank you for being a wonderful resident, Daddio!


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