Senior Spotlight - Irene Jarrell

November 25, 2019

You can find 105-year-old Carrie “Irene” Jarrell playing the piano in a skirt and heels at her home in Danbury of Massillon. Irene’s Danbury apartment is warmly decorated with family photos including her five siblings; Ruby, who lived to be 102, Henry who lived to be 93, Hazel who like Irene, lived to be 105, Ruth who is 102, and Thelma who is 96. 

To say longevity runs in the family is an understatement considering their mother, Minnie Jarrell, lived to be 102 as well.

Irene told us of all the things in life, she is the most grateful for her family. The Jarrell family moved to Canton, Ohio from Kermit, West Virginia when Irene was just six years old. Irene graduated in the class of 1933, from Canton Township High School, now known as Canton South High School. Irene then worked as a bookkeeper for the Fry Brothers Coal Company for 30 years before retirement.

 Irene’s typical day at Danbury consists of many visitors. One including her friend that lives just across the hall, Jean. Jean is amazed at how healthy and sharp her friend is for her age. Whenever there is an activity or outing, Jean always makes sure to invite Irene to tag along.

"At Danbury, everyone is so nice, and I really appreciate that. The workers, and the residents, I love it here.”  -Irene

Aside from playing the piano and hanging out with Jean, Irene enjoys musical entertainment and receiving weekly spiritual support from her church. She belongs to the 

First Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canton and has been a very active member. Irene mentioned she has a bit of a sweet tooth and was recently introduced to the Taggart’s “Bittner” during a Danbury outing and was definitely impressed. Other outings include things like shopping and going out to eat. While shopping, Irene is likely to pick out a skirt and heeled shoes. She wears these items daily, a choice strongly rooted in her faith.

We asked Irene what she thinks the secret is to living 100 plus years, and she responded that people should focus on not wasting the days of their lives and that they should always be bettering themselves and their faith.

At Danbury of Massillon, Irene originally roomed with her sister Hazel before her passing.  Now, Irene still has family in the building with her nephew John and his wife Billie, also being residents of the Danbury of Massillon community. On November 9th, Irene celebrated her 105th birthday with family and friends. In attendance were her sisters, 102-year-old Ruth and 96-year-old Thelma, along with John and Billie, and close friends from Danbury.

 “I was so happy everyone came out; I couldn’t ask for more.” -Irene

 Here’s to 105 years, Irene! We are so thankful to have such a special person with us at Danbury of Massillon.

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