Our COVID Safety Protocols - UPDATED 12/09/2020

Danbury Senior Living Response to COVID-19  

With so many Center for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed cases of the coronavirus (specifically COVID-19) in the U.S., we realize our residents may be anxious due to the vast media coverage. Therefore, we are providing you with both information about the virus and information regarding protocols and precautions Danbury Senior Living communities have taken.

During this time of uncertainty we have embraced these priorities:

  1. Do everything we are able to keep our residents and team members safe and healthy.
  2. Seek to sustain the most normal quality of life for our residents.
  3. Engage physicians advising us in best practices for care, containment and safety in these uncertain times.
  4. Maintain our supply chain – medical, food, and other necessities

Out of an abundance of caution, Danbury Communities have:

  • Re-educated our teams on the appropriateness of infection prevention measures which are a part of how we operate on a daily basis.
  • Provided for additional access to personal protective equipment for infection prevention and personal safety for our residents and employees
  • Directed our staff that are sick to stay home.
  • Instituted CDC Criteria for Return to work for Healthcare Professional with confirmed or suspected COVID-19
  • Providing regular updates to our teams to answer any and all questions.
  • Reviewing reputable health websites for updates to be able to share the latest news and information.

 In addition:

  • We have clinical infectious control precautions in place
  • We have a shelter in place for all residents
  • We have single point access in each building, conducting health screening on anyone coming into the community.
  • We have health screenings to actively monitor for fever and respiratory symptoms for all residents and team members.
  • We have CDC-sanitizing protocols multiple times a day
  • We have all employees and residents wearing facial masks as well as employing hand washing & hand sanitizer.
  • We have established quarantine protocols including readied “COVID caregiver teams” to deploy.

Our precautionary measures are in line with those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We will continue to adhere to the recommendations of the CDC and other governmental agencies, as well as rely on our years of safety experience, to ensure our communities continue to maintain the highest precautionary standards against illnesses like COVID-19.

Essential visitors will continue to have access into our community to maintain the absolute best care for our residents. Essential visitors include health care personnel such as hospice services.

To reach your loved one, please call our community. We have systems in place for you to connect with your loved ones through Facetime, Skype, etc., while keeping all of our residents safe.

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