Letter To Families 

October 16, 2020

Dear Residents and Families,

On October 12th we started inside visitation. These are greatly enjoyed by all and we will continue to streamline procedures to make them as easy as possible. We greatly appreciate how our families have been working with us to ensure the visits go smoothly and safely. If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity, please call your community to schedule a time.

You may recall our sharing with you the request we made to the Ohio Department of Aging to embrace a policy regarding “Essential Caregivers.” This policy that one person per resident be allowed to have a compassionate care visit during restricted hours has been adopted. This is exciting news for everyone! We are especially grateful to the Ohio Assisted Living Association and other senior living organizations for advocating with us for this. We believe our residents’ lives will be enhanced greatly by the combination of indoor visits and what we are calling Compassionate Caregiver visits.

Please note, as only the appointed compassionate caregivers and appointed alternate compassionate caregivers may participate in this visitation, please complete the attached acknowledgment. Once completed, Appointed Compassionate Caregivers may begin calling the community starting Tuesday, October 20th to schedule their visits. Visits will begin on Monday, October 26th.

Danbury will continue to be vigilant in protecting our cherished residents and staff while identifying responsible and safe ways to allow a family member or sponsor to provide care to their loved ones. Because of this vigilance, our Compassionate Caregiver guidelines will include multiple required measures:

  • Visits are by appointment only Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
  • Only one person may visit (no children) one time per week
  • Visits are a maximum of 2 hours
  • Visitors must check-in at the health station
  • N95 or KN95 mask must be worn the entire visit
  • Your Compassionate Caregiver visit will count for - take the place of - one of your 30 minute indoor visits

Six months ago, no one imagined the turbulence of COVID-19 on our world and particularly the world of senior living. While we do not know when and how this journey will end, we do know we will make it through this together. Thank you for all you do to support us and one another!

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Chief Operating Officer

Danbury Senior Living

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