Letter To Families 

September 9, 2021 

Dear Residents, Families, and Team Members,

As the Fall season closes quickly upon us, many of us in healthcare were hoping by this time of year the pandemic would be behind us.  Yet, one of the top news stories for the past several weeks is the hurtling spread of the COVID “Delta” variant.  Now, this variant, which is more infectious than the original, has landed on Ohio’s doorstep.  So, we are so thankful such a large percentage of our residents have received the vaccine.  While the vaccine does not provide complete immunity to this variant it does provide a better chance for lesser symptoms.

Considering the Delta onset and the CDC directives for operation the following visitation guidelines remain in effect:

  • Visitors must log in and have their temperature taken when entering the building
  • Visitors need to wear a mask while in common space and traveling to a resident’s room
  • Please do not visit if you are feeling ill or congested

Also, please note, if we receive positive test results for COVID in a community, visitation may be temporarily suspended there.  When the COVID positives have subsided in the respective community, visitation will be immediately reopened.  

Most understand the terrific toll this pandemic has taken on those working in healthcare, now worsened because of the staffing issues plaguing every industry.  Our Danbury team members are no exception.  We are intensely grateful for each of them!  They are remarkable people, and they are acutely tired.  They need our prayers, patience, and encouragement.

Our Danbury family is the best.  We are proud to be on the same team.


andy harpster

Andy Harpster

Chief Operating Officer

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