Letter To Families 

November 17, 2020

Dear Residents, Family & Team Members,

Below are the most recent graphs showing the explosion of new COVID cases in Ohio and as a result the skyrocket of hospitalizations.  You are familiar with the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


COVID graph

We are entering into a frightening phase of the pandemic by setting new and terrible records every day. For example, as early as this past Friday there were over 8,000 new cases in a day.  Our bigger concern is the record of nearly 3,400 hospitalized yesterday.  If the hospitals run out of beds, we will not have anywhere to send our residents when they need help. Our residents’ health and safety are at greater peril now than at any other time.  This makes it necessary for us to continue with no visitation in our Danbury communities for the time being.  The good news is the announcements that two vaccines could be available soon.

While we cannot prevent you from doing so, we ask you not take your loved one out of their community for Thanksgiving.  This exponentially increases the risk of them contracting the virus and bringing it back into their building where others can contract it.  This has been our experience in the past week and half.  Of the new COVID cases in Danbury, all were infected by families taking their loved one out of their respective community.  If a resident is taken out of their building for other than essential medical reasons, upon their return they will be quarantined for 14 days while being tested for the coronavirus. 

We fully and empathetically understand this is not the news anyone wants to hear.  However, we all recognize in our hearts these are the wisest steps to take for those we all love. Please know we are working with every community to make their Thanksgiving celebration special.  This will be the best holiday possible for our residents. 

Thank you for your incredible patience and support!

AH Signature

Chief Operating Officer

Danbury Senior Living

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