Letter To Families 

Update From Our Corporate Leadership Team

May 22, 2020

Dear Danbury Residents and Families,

We are certain one of the issues at the forefront of your minds is at the forefront of ours as well – visitation in our communities.  We clearly understand interaction with other residents and visitation from loved ones is necessary for the health and well-being of our residents, balanced with maintaining the highest level of safety from the virus.   At present we have implemented walks outdoors, limited dining outside of resident apartments as well small group social activities.  We are grateful for these, but we want more than this for our residents and families. 

Looking forward, we believe visitation will begin with outside visits. Unfortunately, we are not there yet.  We remain under the Governor’s order prohibiting all non-essential visitors along with protocols for keeping residents primarily in their apartments.  Nevertheless, we are in daily communication with the Ohio Assisted Living Association who is in constant contact with the Governor’s office on this issue and other important issues impacting senior living.  Eagerly we wait for new guidelines on activating some form of family visits and hope they are coming soon.  Whatever those directives happen to be we believe they will be safe, methodical, limited, and socially distanced. 

Last week we reported to you the unfortunate reality that one of our Danbury Communities realized their first case of COVID-19.  Once again, we are up against this weighty reality.  Just days apart there were two other Danbury communities with positive cases of the coronavirus.   All residents, families, and team members of these communities were immediately notified.  To our knowledge there are no other Danbury’s with the virus.  

As before, we tested everyone for the virus in both communities to furnish a clear “snapshot in time” of our situation, enabling us to make more informed decisions for care.  One community tested completely negative, and one community’s tests resulted in several positive cases.  

All residents testing positive are under the care of a physician and isolated.  Additionally, our “COVID caregivers" have been deployed, small groups of caregivers who provide care and monitoring, working only with infected residents as to limit exposure risk.  

We share your concern for the safety of your loved ones.  Please know we are fighting the good fight by being relentless in our efforts to maintain our superior standard of care and enhanced infection control, placing the welfare of our residents and staff above all else. 

We are in this together more than ever.

Sincerely yours,

The Danbury Senior Living Family

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