Letter To Families 

July 30, 2020

Dear Family & Residents - 

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR DANBURY EMPLOYEES! You are truly frontline healthcare HEROES!

We want to send a shout out to our Danbury employees for the sacrifices they make every day to care for our wonderful residents and each other. As most of the world has experienced many alterations to their lifestyles, very few have risen to the level of the employees at DANBURY and many other local healthcare communities.  While many shutdowns and work from home situations occurred for much of the country OUR AMAZING DANBURY employees just buckled down and focused on our residents, and not simply the trials and tribulations of COVID in their personal lives. What do we mean by this? All our employees have been confronted with the changes COVID has caused - children without school or daycare, spouses laid off, stress from uncertainty in the world, and sometimes anger over the turmoil COVID has created.  In this context, imagine our HEALTHCARE HEROES getting dressed (GRABBING THEIR MASK) then going to do their job taking care of our precious residents.  And let’s not forget this has been going on for 5 months with no certain end in sight. The wisdom, courage, and strength these amazing people have exhibited is what motivated us to make this our update!!  Our employees at Danbury have been nothing short of AMAZING, true Healthcare Heroes, working tirelessly every day, 24/7, to continue making our residents lives the best they possibly can! Is it perfect??? NO. But we are grateful for ALL our employees do each and every day putting others (OUR RESIDENTS) needs ahead of their own.  We can always see the many things wrong in the COVID era.  However, one thing we know we are Blessed to have is AN AMAZING group of caring people working together for one common cause - OUR RESIDENTS!

Please join us in praise and appreciation of all Employees of Danbury!

Cards and encouragement are welcome! If you appreciate Danbury employees, please don’t hesitate to let them know!



The Danbury Team


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