Letter To Families 


March 5, 2021

Dear Residents & Family Members,

This past year has been a high challenge for everyone, and few have experienced more challenge than our employees.  We are raving fans of our team members and do our best to express our love, appreciation, and encouragement to them for who they are and what they do.  We thought you might be interested in reading our most recent communication to them because these words express our appreciation for you as well. 

Dear Danbury Team,

Just as I am always thankful for each of you and all that you do, so I am always concerned for your well-being.  With many gray winter days and tough battles in our Danburys, this week of SUNSHINE has brought us new hope for the brighter days ahead…AND HOPEFULLY WARMER ONES! 

Because we are all a little tired and weary, I know our patience and kindness is tested every day.  So, my message today is BE KIND and PASS IT ALONG!  As we spring into spring many of us will feel better quickly.  However, many of us may not as COVID has taken a toll.  Please remember, patience and kindness can help those feeling blue!  

I pray we all continue to lift each other up and out of the gray days we have experienced allowing us ALL TO MOVE FORWARD IN A HAPPIER AND HEALTHY WAY!  I remember a saying I once read that has stuck with me for many years - “ONLY LOOK DOWN ON SOMEONE WHEN YOU ARE REACHING OUT YOUR HAND TO PULL THEM UP!” This speaks volumes about the fact that each of us has many opportunities every day to reach out and lift up someone who is in need.  They may be a family member, a resident, a co-worker, or even a close friend. I ask all of us to think about who that person is in our lives and act on the “lifting them up part,” not just pass by them. I also ask if you are struggling and needing a hand to reach out and pull you up, talk with someone around you and let them know.  Talk to one of our chaplains or share your struggle with a coworker.  Throughout our communities we have so many amazing, caring people, that is why I am confident they will do all they can to get you on your feet again!  

Let’s rise up and onward into spring TOGETHER!   Thank you to each of you for all you do! 

As always Keep Fighting the Good Fight!!!

May God Bless you and your families!


One last word to you residents and families...Thank you for your patience and grace during this long battle!  As we spring ahead into Spring, we have made it a priority to fully open our communities to visitation as soon as we get the greenlight from ODH.

andy harpster

Andy Harpster

Chief Operating Officer

Danbury Senior Living

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