FAQs for Residents & Families - UPDATED 4/21/20

Please find below a few of the questions we have been asked during this tough and unprecedented COVID19 period.

1. How long will the homebound physical distancing practices remain in place?

Our top priority is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our residents and team members. Governor DeWine put the homebound and physical distancing practices into place for those exact purposes. The coronavirus can seriously impact vulnerable seniors and we will follow all guidelines put in place to protect our Danbury family. We know these past weeks in homebound status have been trying and difficult. We hope to loosen the homebound restrictions soon, but we will not do so if it will put our residents in danger and we will only do so at the recommendation of the Ohio Department of Health. For now, the virus is still pervasive in our state and we stand with our governor in protecting our residents the best way possible – and right now that is with physical distancing.   

2. What are the reasons residents can’t be with other residents?

As stated above, homebound and physical distancing practices were put into place by Governor DeWine because the likelihood of a resident contracting the COVID-19 virus increases with close interaction and contact with others. Homebound and physical distancing practices are imperative to safeguard our residents and staff. When people are physically kept apart, the virus has less  chance to spread. Given the greatly heightened susceptibility of at-risk seniors to this particular virus, the contact all our residents have right now is limited to our team members who practice stringent infectious disease protocols and wear masks before even stepping into a resident’s apartment. We know this is hard, but we will do everything we can to protect our residents.

3. When will families and friends be able to visit their loves ones in one of our communities?

We understand that this may be the most difficult change we have had to enact. We are just as anxious to be able to safely open our doors to visitors again. Here is what we know about visitation right now. This past week, Governor DeWine ordered a reopening of the state of Ohio in three phases. Phase 1 begins May 1.

The governor states that during Phases 1 & 2, visits to senior living facilities and hospitals will continue to be prohibited. During Phase 3, the order states visits to senior care facilities and hospitals can resume.  However, we do not know when Phase 3 will begin. I can assure you, as soon as we know we are able to open our doors to visitors again, we will inform our residents, their families, staff and entire Danbury community. 

During this remaining time, and always, we are here for our residents, their families and friends, helping them navigate visitation by iPad, phone calls, emails and more, until Phase 3 arrives.  We have also instituted many different activities to keep our residents engaged. We continue focusing on physical distancing not social distancing. Specifically, our Life Enrichment teams are providing “activities on the go” – creative programming, exercise instructions, trivia, games, music, crafts, “Wine with DeWine,” strolls, and much more, to the delight of our residents.

4. Why do you believe a Danbury community is the best place for our loved one during this time?

 It’s completely understandable for you to be concerned and wonder how separation may affect your loved one. We are concerned, too, and have taken steps to ensure our residents are still able to participate in a variety of engaging activities designed specifically for them. They are also able to maintain contact with team members in the community and with family and friends through video chats, phone calls, emails and letters, among other types of communication.

In addition, we practice enhanced infection prevention and disinfection protocol round-the-clock.  Meals and snacks are prepared in a sanitized environment that meets the strict health and food safety guidelines of our state. But perhaps most important is the fact that if your loved has complex needs, they are met by a highly trained staff who work in shifts to ensure comprehensive 24-hour care, something difficult for many people to provide in their home. We provide all of these things with love and compassion – and that is why many people make Danbury their home. 

5. Who will be notified if there is a positive test for COVID?

No matter how vigilant we are, there is a likelihood that at some point coronavirus will be detected in a caregiver or resident in a Danbury facility. That’s how invasive and pervasive this virus is. If a resident or team member tests positive for COVID-19, we will notify all residents, team members, and families of that particular Danbury community. We will also notify the local and state health departments.

6. Are you proactively testing all residents and staff for COVID-19?

Currently, we are not testing every resident and staff member for COVID-19, because, like most senior living communities, we cannot obtain enough tests. Like other facilities around the state and nation, we have found it difficult to obtain tests and protective equipment. Until enough are produced and distributed, we are only able to test residents who have a physician’s order.

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