Danbury Communities Visitation Policy

Please call your community to schedule your visitation time. 

Outdoor visitation will begin June 8, 2020 for our residents. 

A temperature and symptoms-reporting station will be set up in front of the community under the carport. This screening station will check visitors' temperature, signs, and/or symptoms. They must be cleared by Danbury staff in order to continue with their visit. Danbury staff is complying with CDC and ODH guidelines. At this station, visitors must show that they have brought their own mask or facial covering and they will leave it on for the entire visit. 

Visitors will remain in their car if they arrive outside the assigned visitation time. 

Vistors must already have scheduled their visit with the community in order to proceed with the visitation for that day. Visits are set up by calling the community and scheduling a day and time in one of our available time slots, to ensure safe space and time limitations are followed. 

Residents may receive two visits per week and each visit is a two-hour block of time. Visits are limited to two people per resident. 

The designated outdoor visiting area will be accessible without the visitor entering our community to the best of our abilities. 

A minimum of 6-foot spacing is designated for the seating of the resident and the visitor clearly marked by tape and/or rope. Each visiting station will be a minimum of 6 feet apart. 

Surfaces in the visitation area will be sanitized complying with CDC guidelines between each visit. This includes seating, tabletops, and any other surfaces that could have been touched. Visitors need to sanitize their hands before entering the visiting area, and residents will need to sanitize their hands before re-entering the community. 

There are no food, beverages, tobacco/vaping permitted during visitation. 

Visitors will be given an education upon arrival about COVID-19 symptoms, the transmission of, and the importance of following visit protocols. 

Please call your community to schedule your visitation time. 

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