Danbury Details: The Special Touch of Danbury Communities

Danbury Details: The Special Touch of Danbury Communities

There’s something special about Danbury communities. If you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that makes Danbury different from other senior living communities, we can tell you: it’s in the Danbury details.

Danbury’s senior living communities are designed to meet the needs and provide the utmost comfort to our residents. We go the distance to fine tune each community, so every resident can experience the Danbury Difference.

Here are just a few of the big and little details that set Danbury’s communities apart:



Perhaps above all else, residents ought to feel like they can be at ease at Danbury, just like they would relax in their former residence. Danbury communities feature multiple living rooms on every floor, which makes the community feel like a home with different spaces for entertaining guests or reading a book. Central living rooms have fireplaces, creating that cozy and soothing atmosphere you imagine when you think of the ideal home. And every apartment has a mailbox just like we would see next to the door of a house. These little touches warm up our spaces for residents.


Resort-Style Living

If it was just about feeling homey, though, why wouldn’t you just stay there? Well, that’s where Danbury gets exciting! We take senior living to the next level to treat our residents like the kings and queens they deserve to be. Danbury’s resort-style living for the next phase of life provides the amenities of home with the amenities that make everyday feel a little bit like vacation.

Each Danbury community has a lovely dining room for anytime dining so that you can choose when and what you want to eat at essentially any time of the day. Residents can gather in a pub and enjoy playing board games and video games on a big TV screen, or go down to the craft room, billiards room, or movie theater for a show. A bistro provides residents with happy hours and other events. You can even enjoy the delights of bird watching indoors and the calming effect of watching fish swim in aquariums.



Healthcare is a vital part of ensuring residents have every opportunity to live a full and vibrant life. In addition to our excellent staff who serve the community with compassionate care, Danbury communities all have an exercise room with equipment for everyone’s use as well as a room dedicated to physical therapy. Danbury arranges for physical therapists to be on-site during set hours, and residents also can also use the PT room to be treated by their own physical therapists.


Special Treats

There’s also a few little things that add spice to life in Danbury’s communities. Pick up a basket of freshly made popcorn from a popcorn machine on your way to watch a movie (or just for a quick snack!). Pick out an ice cream treat from a glass-covered freezer—it also acts as a time machine, taking our residents back into their memories of childhood. And there’s always lots of quick snack choices in the pub while you’re playing a game or watching TV.


To truly understand the Danbury difference, you have to come and experience it. We’d be delighted to show you around, provide a meal, and tell you more about Danbury Senior Living. Find a community near you.

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