Dining at Danbury—More than Just a Meal

Dining at Danbury—More than Just a Meal

We like to brag about our chefs and fine dining at Danbury, but let’s be honest—everyone who serves a senior living community touts their food services. So, what makes the Danbury Difference so… different?


Fine Dining Freedom

In most senior living communities, food service is more like a catered meal or cafeteria, with set meal offerings during specific meal times that limit your options on a day-to-day basis. But Danbury’s food services are more like a restaurant than a cafeteria. Danbury’s restaurant-style dining offers daily specials, a full menu, and a well-trained wait staff.

Dining at Danbury is about freedom. Our dining rooms are open all day; you can come in any time and eat whatever you want. If you’re feeling like pancakes for dinner, tuck in your napkin and prepare to cut into all of that maple syrup-y soaked goodness. If you want Salisbury steak but it isn’t on the menu, as long as we have the ingredients, we’ll make it for you. And with professionally trained chefs, the options you choose will be prepared as if you’re sitting down to a meal in a fine dining restaurant. 

It’s the kind of dining experience you’d want to share with your friends and family… and you can do that, too, with pride! 

Recently, a friend of the Danbury family had the opportunity to experience a meal at a Danbury. Here’s what she had to say about it.

“I expected to eat well at Danbury because I know how well each community cares for their residents, but what was unexpected was the attention to detail and how flavorful everything was! Silverware was wrapped in cloth napkins and every part of my meal had the extra flair to make it special, from lemons for my tea to the cilantro in my pico de gallo. I was enthralled with Danbury’s commitment, not just to keeping everyone fed, but to adding to their residents’ life experiences.”


Your Autonomy Matters

There’s this assumption that you have to give up so many freedoms when you move into a senior living community, but that simply isn’t true at Danbury. Our dining services in particular encapsulate this autonomy. You shouldn’t have to give up the freedom to choose what you want to eat or when you want to eat it, just because you change living arrangements.

When you choose to move into Danbury’s senior living community, you don’t have to surrender that freedom—you just surrender the stress of having to cook for yourself all of the time. 

And, on top of all of that, if you love to cook, you still have access to the amenities you need to prepare meals for yourself when you want to.

So, you see, it isn’t just that we hire great chefs, or that we have a menu you can order from, or that you can eat any time of the day, or that the food is excellent… it’s all of the above. That is the Danbury Dining Difference.

Don’t give up the delectable delights of fine dining. Explore our communities to find the right Danbury location for you!

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