Setting Your Nursing Career Goals in 2023 and Beyond

Setting Your Nursing Career Goals in 2023 and Beyond


The start of a new year is a perfect time to look back over the last year and reflect on where you’re headed. How satisfied are you in your career? Have you gotten into a rut? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions of your job, tolerating a mediocre or even negative work environment? 

Perhaps you’re simply ready to take on new challenges and grow in your career. What options are there for you beyond the job you’re currently doing? How could you position yourself for career growth and advancement in 2023?


Set Clear Goals and Make a Plan to Achieve Them

Generally speaking, it’s important to set career goals that have a clear direction heading into the future, but this is especially important for nurses. Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to further your education, knowing what you want to achieve will help you plan how to get there.


What to Consider As You Dream

There’s more than just what kind of a nurse you want to be. That decision is driven by the values and lifestyle you hope for, even beyond your day-to-day work life. When you’re thinking about your next steps in your career, also keep in mind your other goals. 

Do you want to travel? Do you want to live in a particular geographic area? Is it important to you to stay close to family and friends, or are you dreaming of striking out on your own?

As you reflect on your own personal goals, consider how your career can help take you there. You could choose to work in a different country for a period of time and begin to plan the training you might need to make that happen.

Think about what attributes make up your ideal work environment. What are your beliefs and values, and how do they align with your current employer? Are there other companies out there that would be a better match for you? 

What is the work environment like where you are working right now? If you had the opportunity, what areas of nursing would you like to pursue? Often different facilities will offer you a change of pace and change of atmosphere, just by changing your focus. Which environments best suit your personality and your strengths as a nurse?

 Which types of patients do you enjoy working with the most? You might think about their specific needs, their demographics, or their age. Some people love to work with young children and others prefer to serve an older population. Some nurses love to be hands-on while others see how they could use their administrative skills and managerial skills to make a difference in the lives of other nurses.


Write Down Your Goals

Your answers to these various questions can help you map out a plan to get there. You don’t want to just spin in the hamster wheel of dreams; take the time to write down your goals. Journal about where you see yourself thriving as a nurse. Make a list of goals and the steps you will take to achieve those goals. You might need additional education, time to practice your nursing skills, or a plan for applying to work in new environments.


Danbury Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

If you are ready to grow as a nurse, Danbury Senior Living is the perfect environment to make your dreams come true. You should be able to enjoy your job while you are also looking ahead to your future goals. Recognized as a Top Workplace in 2022 in Northeast Ohio, Danbury treats its team and residents as family. As a luxury senior living community, the atmosphere is warm, friendly, and less stressful than other areas nurses might serve, with state-of-the-art facilities to help nurses provide exceptional care focused on improving quality of life for residents. 

When it comes to helping you make a plan for your future, Danbury believes in investing in its staff members. We want you to achieve your fullest potential and build the confidence you need to excel in your career. We offer tuition reimbursement and onsite leadership training among many other benefits, including flexible work schedules that can accommodate classes and family commitments.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore a lifetime of nursing or ready to take on the challenges you’ve identified for your career, Danbury is a great place to make it happen. Explore opportunities available to you at a senior living community near you and learn more about the benefits Danbury has to offer you as you pursue your career goals.

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