This weather makes me SAD. What can I do?

This weather makes me SAD. What can I do?

One of my buddies who lives at Danbury is famous for taking long, outdoor walks 2-4 times a day, EVERY DAY. He is a retired jogger who recognizes that being outside in the fresh air is very beneficial for his physical and mental health.

But what about during the winter months? Seasonal Affective Disorder or, SAD is a very real thing, and it actually affects seniors more than younger people! According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “SAD happens most often during winter. It is thought that shorter days and less daylight may trigger a chemical change in the brain leading to symptoms of depression.”

This type of depression occurs more in Seniors than younger generations primarily due to lack of mobility. When we are younger, it is much easier and safer to get outside for sunlight and fresh air. The less mobile we become, the more prone we are to staying inside and watching television.

Hopkins Medicine encourages two solutions for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  1. Get outside/get more sunlight. When possible, be intentional about going outside for fresh air. If not possible, find a nice sunny spot to read the newspaper or chat on the phone.
  2. Play cards, go to church, volunteer somewhere or even video chat with friends and family. When we see others smile, it makes us smile and lifts us up.

If the bleak winter months get you or a loved one into Seasonal Affective Disorder, give Danbury a call today. We specialize in lighting up the winter months and living our best lives, no matter how cold and dreary it is outside!

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