What should I get Grandma for Christmas?

What should I get Grandma for Christmas?

Most aging parents or Grandparents will swear they do not want anything for Christmas. “My house has enough junk in it. Please do not bring me more.” or, “I have enough pajamas/coffee cups/slippers/etc. I am just going to donate whatever you buy me.” The problem is, we just cannot bear the thought of them not opening anything on Christmas Day. So, what are we supposed to do?

Here are some ideas for 2022:

  • Pre-loaded Electronic Picture Frame: Please be sure to load it with all kinds of old family photos. If it’s not loaded, I promise it will stay in its box.
  • Hands on classes: How much would grandma love a flower arranging class or grandpa love a woodworking class? Be sure to include one extra so you (or another loved one) can share the experience.
  • Experiences: How about front row seats to their favorite sports team or behind the scenes tour of their favorite museum? Get creative and be sure you go along to take pictures.
  • Create a coupon book for a once-a-month dinner with you and a few others then make it happen.

The Christmas Holiday is now upon us, and we love to make it as special as possible for our senior friends and family. To learn how we celebrate Christmas each holiday season, give us a call or stop by for a tour!

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