How can I get dad to wear his hearing aid?

How can I get dad to wear his hearing aid?

If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with a senior who needs to be wearing a hearing aid but isn’t, you know how difficult the exchange of simple ideas can be. “Grandpa, would you like to get lunch on Thursday?” “No thanks, I’m not thirsty!” is a running joke in my household because it’s true. It actually happened. My own grandfather never wanted to wear a hearing aid because he thought it made him look old. We would tease him that the gray hair, bifocals, and his obsession with senior discounts already did that, so please wear a hearing aid so we can have a nice conversation.

According to our friend Dr. Patricia Stofiel at Life Hearing and Balance, here are 3 pragmatic reasons to help our senior friends and family understand the importance of hearing well in our later years.

  1. Better brain health. Not hearing well impacts understanding and our brain can re-wire itself to compensate. This often mimics Alzheimer's.
  2. Prevent falls. Did you know that balance and hearing are intrinsically connected? Hearing loss is tied to a higher risk of falls for seniors.
  3. Strengthen relationships. Quite frankly, relationships are based on communication and communication is based on hearing and understanding.

At Danbury Senior Living, we know that good hearing is essential to living your best life and we are happy to help. Call today to learn more!


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