Building Leaders Like You—Get the Support You Need to Thrive Personally and in Your Career at Danbury

Building Leaders Like You—Get the Support You Need to Thrive Personally and in Your Career at Danbury

It’s one thing to take a job because it pays well, but a paycheck can only carry your job satisfaction so far. If you’re at all like Dawn Incarnato, Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) at Sanctuary Grande, you want a workplace that will invest in you so that you can continue to grow and thrive in both your personal and professional life. Dawn found that experience working at Danbury. 

When Dawn started in Leadership Academy at Danbury just over a year or so ago, she wasn’t sure what to expect, but she knew that it would mean an opportunity to learn and to grow. Dawn has worked as an LPN with Danbury for over two years, moving from the Brookwood Agency to the Cuyahoga Falls location, where she worked the floor. Shortly after that, she took an ADON position at Hudson, and just this May, she moved to Sanctuary Grande to shorten her commute between work and home.

The opportunity to participate in Leadership Academy blossomed out of a casual conversation Dawn had with Toni Fuzo, the Executive Director at Danbury Hudson. Danbury's leadership teams are always looking for promising talent to partner with and encourage to grow into their potential. After hearing how much Dawn likes to read and do whatever she can to learn more so that she can help others, Toni nominated her for the Leadership Academy.

The Leadership Academy at Danbury is a year-long program that meets together in a large group setting every other month for a day long retreat. They also meet monthly in smaller groups called CORE groups via Zoom. While you participate in the program, you can also reach out any time via email or Zoom calls with the leadership team that coordinates the program.

Dawn discovered that the Leadership Academy puts a lot of emphasis on individual development and self-awareness. Through these sessions, Dawn learned how to lead herself so that she could lead others. 

“I learned about myself and why I tick the way I do,” Dawn shared. “I learned that I am an introvert, which explained why some things were harder for me and why I need to retreat to recharge.” In addition to exploring the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, the Leadership Academy also helped participants discover their voice through GIANT’s 5 Voices Assessment. This alongside many other tools has empowered Dawn both at work and at home. Many of the tools help to make her workday smoother. 

“I loved the experience—I wish everyone could do it. I know not everyone will dive into it as much. Some people might not believe it until they’re shown it more. It’s a valuable tool—I think it’s fantastic that Danbury offers it for our staff members,” Dawn said.

There’s a place for you to grow and bloom here at Danbury. Find your next opportunity in a Danbury community near you!


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