What can we do to help Grandma celebrate her Faith?

What can we do to help Grandma celebrate her Faith?

Did you know that a spiritual connection can boost seniors’ wellness, especially when their senior living community supports faith practices?

Spirituality and religion are a significant part of many people’s lives, and it usually becomes more important as we grow older. A study at the University of Chicago found belief in God increases with age, especially for those older than 68. Luckily for these spiritual seniors, faith practices come with a host of health benefits.

Here are a few ways practicing faith can help our Senior friends and family:

  1. Practicing our Faith can help us create and preserve relationships
  2. Practicing our Faith is proven to slow cognitive decline.
  3. Creates Hope. At a time of life when loss happens more frequently, practicing our Faith can lift our spirits.
  4. Better Health. In short, Faith, positivity, and hope lead to tangible improvements in our mood which leads to better health.

As we celebrate National Clergy Month in October, I encourage you to help foster the Faith of your senior friends and family by helping connect them with their favorite clergy. At Danbury Senior Living, we celebrate and encourage all Faiths with weekly group studies, prayer sessions and even communion. Call today to learn more!

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