What does “healthy aging” mean?

What does “healthy aging” mean?

As Americans live longer and healthier, it’s great to see an emphasis placed on “healthy aging” but sometimes we don’t quite get it 100% right. In the past, we have made it seem like staying home and trying (and many times failing) to remain independent no matter what the situation is the best option. As our views on aging progress, we are all learning that a more supportive living environment helps us live stronger for longer and maintain our individuality.

Here are some ways a senior living community assists with “healthy aging.”

  1. Promotes social activity and prevents social isolation.
  2. Focus on what we CAN do, not on what we cannot do.
  3. More free time enjoying retired life and less time doing dishes, housework, yardwork, etc.
  4. Chef prepared meals with wait-staff. No more fussing over what to eat.
  5. Peace of mind instead of stressing about quality of life.

Did you know that September is National Healthy Aging Month? Whether it be an independent apartment, assisted living, or memory care our focus is on Healthy Aging every minute of every day of every month. Danbury Senior Living believes that Healthy Aging is a daily effort. If you would like to learn more about healthy living at Danbury, give us a call today!

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