My dad eats alone for most meals. Is that ok?

My dad eats alone for most meals. Is that ok?

I was recently giving a tour of Danbury during dinnertime and the family commented on “how much fun” that looked. I asked why they didn’t note that the meal looked delicious or that our amazing staff waits on everyone like a restaurant or even that it smelled incredible. Their response was that dinner, family dinner, was always the most important time of the day. It was a special and specific time to sit with others and socialize and learn and laugh.

Now? Their dad eats alone. Even though dad says it’s ok and he doesn’t mind because “nobody bugs him,” the family could clearly see how dining with others is very important for seniors.

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Social. Seniors who live alone say they feel loneliest at mealtime, especially dinner. New friendships are easily made around the table over a meal.
  2. Health. According to the Nutrition Journal, we tend to make healthier food choices when dining with peers.
  3. Quality & Quantity. Many families report being worried about the quality and amount of the food their elderly family is eating when alone. In a dining room, the food is fresh, served hot, and the portions are always perfect!
  4. Enjoyment. Let’s be honest, our food always tastes better when we dine with friends and family. We enjoy the atmosphere and are happier after these meals.

The “Dining Experience” for three meals a day is one of the highlights of making the move to Danbury Senior Living. Call today to learn more about how our dining team can help you or a loved one make the transition!

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