How important is the “culture of the staff” at a senior living facility?

How important is the “culture of the staff” at a senior living facility?

I was recently giving a tour of Danbury to a family who commented that our staff (and residents) were so much livelier and more engaged than those at a different community they had toured earlier, and they wondered why?

As we all know, the happier an employee is at work, the better they will treat their customers! Here are a few examples of how a great culture affects a senior living community.

  1. Happy staff means happy residents. When employees feel valued and respected, they will pass those qualities through their work, even through the most menial task.
  2. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. When employees take pride in their job, their surroundings often reflect that feeling.
  3. Creativity and Positivity. When staff feels empowered to innovate new solutions and solve problems, they know they are valued and important.
  4. Healthier residents! According to Dr. Jim Collins, “a culture that promotes and lives by strong values, principles and beliefs is associated with better resident health outcomes. These characteristics promote good communication, relationship-building, and interaction among residents, families, and staff.”

Did you know Danbury Senior Living was voted a Top Workplace in Northeast Ohio for 2022? Our team members were surveyed on how they feel about working with Danbury and their answers resulted in Danbury receiving this award. This shows that our team members believe in, and practice, “The Danbury Difference” in all that they do. Call today to learn more!

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