At Danbury, Every Worker Is an Essential Worker

At Danbury, Every Worker Is an Essential Worker

It’s important to us that our staff understand exactly how essential they are to the health and happiness of the people we serve. There are no “nonessential” employees. Every set of hands that shows up for work, from maintenance to management, at a Danbury community is essential to the well-being of our residents.


Our LPNs have regular contact with residents to monitor their basic health needs, like their vital signs and their overall condition. You are at the very center of the servant’s heart that Danbury prides itself on offering residents as they bring dignity, honor, and respect to their care of each resident they serve. We are so grateful for your day-in and day-out contributions to our community members’ comfort and care. You are essential.

Resident Care Companions

As a resident care companion, you aren't just a caregiver, but also a friend to our residents. You provide daily support and encouragement to residents and help our nurses to give the best assistance possible. Your presence helps provide for the physical and emotional needs of residents as you build long-term relationships with them. You are essential.


If “cleanliness is next to godliness,” then our housekeepers are a bunch of saints! You maintain a welcoming, healthy, and clean environment for our residents, which helps them be at peace and enjoy their setting. Your warm and friendly demeanor greets our residents daily as you visit their rooms. Your hands-on help keeps Danbury’s community sparkling, shining with your attention to detail and care for each resident’s comfort. You are essential.

Cooks and Servers

Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? Everyone needs to eat, and a pleasant server who delivers a perfectly prepared meal cooked by a chef brings delight to every resident at Danbury. You make healthy, nutritious, well-balanced meals to meet the dietary needs of residents while also delivering desserts and treats to make their day extra special. You are essential.

Life Enrichment Team

As a member of the life enrichment team, you create experiences and opportunities that make our residents' lives vibrant and full. You provide programming that goes beyond addressing the entertainment needs of residents for a holistic approach to well-being—physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. The work you do allows our residents to thrive in every area of their lives. You are essential.


The well-being of our residents is also ensured by our maintenance staff, who touch each life by keeping rooms and facilities in tip-top condition. Maintenance allows residents to feel safe and secure, trusting that their environment is maintained to a high standard. Your attention to detail and proactive approach reduces accidents, saves expenses, and maintains indoor air quality and comfort so residents stay healthy and comfortable. You are essential.


Members of our administration and management orchestrate the atmosphere that makes Danbury special. Danbury administrators work together with everyone else to build a kind culture that treats everyone as equally valuable. You equip all employees with what they need to be empowered and successful in their jobs. You are essential.

It takes every single team member to create the Danbury Difference. Can you see yourself at Danbury? Find your next opportunity at one of our resort-style senior living communities, where every role is essential.

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