How can music help older adults?

How can music help older adults?

I was recently doing a “Brain Games” class with my friends at a local senior center and one of the games was a loose version of “Name That Tune.” We all giggled as we struggled to remember the actual names of songs by Elvis, James Brown, Bob Dylan and many more. The funny thing was that everyone could remember the tune, the words, and even a memory of the song, but the actual name of the song always escaped our memory! As we went through the songs, the fact was clear that music boosted our mood, helped us think clearer, and even drew us closer together.

Here are a few ways music can help our daily lives as we age:

  1. Puts us in a better mood. Sometimes the challenges of aging can put us in a bad mood. Change that by putting on a playlist of your favorite tunes!
  2. Brings back great memories. When we were playing “Name That Tune” it was fun to hear the great stories folks had associated with great songs!
  3. Exercise, Dance, and Endorphins. Let be honest. Dancing and exercising to the best of our ability to our favorite tunes really, really feels good!
  4. Draws us closer together. Having an oldies (or gospel hymn) sing along is a great way to feel closer to others. Try it with friends or family!

At Danbury Senior Living, music is an integral part of our day. We have different types of appropriate music playing throughout the building and the benefits are quite obvious. To learn more about “The Danbury Difference,” give us a call today!

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