How can I make my parents’ home safe so they don’t fall?

How can I make my parents’ home safe so they don’t fall?

For most seniors who have lived in the same home for more than 30 years, calling it a “safe and healthy home environment” would be a considerable misstatement. They may try hard, but there’s just too much “stuff” to consider it a success. Here are some tips to maintain a safe and healthy home environment!

  1. Declutter everything. Everything! Rooms, cupboards, closets, drawers, etc.
  2. Remove or tack down moveable rugs and mats.
  3. Clearly mark on all appliances the on and off positions and remind them how to operate the appliance.
  4. Store sharp objects, like knives, in a rack not a drawer so they don’t have to root for them.
  5. At night, leave night lights on in each room, especially the path from the bed to the bathroom!
  6. Securely install bath aids such as railings and grab bars and non-skid surfaces.
  7. Avoid bathing when home alone, if possible.

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