What can we do to celebrate friends & family over a certain age?

What can we do to celebrate friends & family over a certain age?

I was chatting with my 79 year old mother about ideas for my 79 year old fathers birthday present for this year and she made me promise I wouldn’t get him anything because they certainly have everything they could want or need and then some!

This really got me to thinking about ways we can celebrate our friends and family over a certain age… Did you know that May is always “Older Americans Month?” Every year, the Federal Administration for Community Living finds new ways to celebrate getting older, here are a few ideas:

  1. Organize a story telling event for them. Find creative ways to learn and document their stories. Not only will they feel respected by the attention, those sitting at their feet will learn things they’ve never heard before. Remember to document the audio, video and photos! Visit www.storycorps.org for ideas!
  2. Organize a community project based on their ideas. A rock garden, a community bulletin board, a mosaic. All are ways to celebrate their wisdom and creativity!
  3. Organize an event based on their interests and desires! I know my mom loves it when we all get together for a Checkers Tournament! How about a class based on something they’re interested in? Or a musical night based on their musical tastes?

Yes, it’s true, as we get older we’ve seen it all. We’ve “been there and done that.” But, if we get creative we can always find new ways to show our senior friends and family how much they mean to us. Call today to learn how Danbury Senior Living does this every day with food, activities and friendships!

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