What Is Life Enrichment at Danbury?

What Is Life Enrichment at Danbury?

A central component to a life well lived is one that has a sense of meaning. As we advance in age, we begin to shed many of the roles that have given our lives purpose—retirement takes away our life’s work, our grown children are caught up in the affairs of their own lives, our bodies begin to change, and more. Our lives gradually downshift into slower days, less demands on our time, and fewer responsibilities.

Every single one of us, if we’re fortunate to live a long life, will experience this progressive shedding of our former selves, a giving away of all that we’ve accumulated in our lives, both literally and philosophically. This is a great thing, but we don’t always recognize it as a gift in our “golden years.” If we’re not prepared for this stage of life, it can lead us to feel dejected and depressed, aimless and lonely.

That’s why life enrichment is such a vital part of every Danbury Senior Living community.

Life enrichment’s purpose is to instill in each and every resident that sense of purpose and meaning that makes our days rich. Programming must go beyond addressing the entertainment needs of residents; life enrichment should touch upon all areas of a person’s well-being—physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.

Here are some examples of how Danbury integrates activities into the lives of its residents to address the whole person:


Besides coordinated outings that bring opportunities for walking and getting some fresh air, our life enrichment coordinators are always looking for creative ways to get residents moving, which helps overall well-being.

At Danbury Columbus, residents participate in Movement Monday. Residents are led through Create a Better YOU exercises that help with one’s balance, agility and mobility as well as fun games like volleyball.


This is the easy stuff! Nobody knows how to have fun like the folks at Danbury. Social opportunities abound, from outings to area parks and museums to entertainment brought to each community, to the day-to-day good natured love and affection of fellow residents and staff, Danbury knows how to have a good time.

Residents kicked back with a Bourbon Street themed Mardi Gras party in March.


Sometimes you just need to know that the people around you love you and care about you. Danbury’s nurturing environment strives to make residents feel loved and respected. With a comprehensive life enrichment program that focuses on addressing the needs of the whole person, activities address the mind, body, and heart.

At Danbury Broadview Heights, our team spread the Valentine’s Day love to their residents with chocolate covered strawberries, carnations, and wine.


No one is too old to learn new tricks. Life enrichment coordinators at each Danbury residence incorporate programming that engages our residents’ minds to help keep our memories sharp and delight in the joy of learning. If someone has a special skill or hobby, we encourage them to take the lead and teach others that skill. 

At Danbury Hudson, Executive Chef Robin led a cooking demonstration with homemade Irish beer bread, delicious beer cheese dip, sliced apples and Irish coffee. The Danbury YouTube channel frequently offers content to teach residents something new, explain the importance of education and mental exercises, and more.


When we tend to the needs of other people, it infuses our lives with purpose and gives us a sense of connection beyond ourselves, to the entire human species. Danbury communities offer opportunities to not only attend religious services but integrate meditation practices and service project opportunities into life enrichment.

For example, recently Danbury Westerville residents gave their time to make PB&J sandwiches for Jordan’s Crossing Resource Center. Jordan’s Crossing Resource Center ministers to the homeless and addicted on the westside of Columbus.

These are just a few examples of the rich and engaging programming offered in Danbury Senior Living communities, where the whole person is nurtured to thrive. Pictures hardly do it justice; if you really want a taste of what Danbury’s communities are like, please come in! Schedule a tour at a community near you. We also regularly share highlights from our various communities on Facebook—follow us there for even more insights into the Danbury Difference.

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