How can a senior practice safe yard work?

How can a senior practice safe yard work?

Now that spring has sprung, many seniors are heading outside to the yard to plant, mow and grow. Yardwork and gardening offer many physical benefits for older adults. These tasks get the body moving and keep the mind engaged. Yardwork and gardening are also proven to lessen stress levels and improve overall mental wellbeing!

But we need to be careful, overexertion from weeding, pruning, digging and watering can result in back pain, sore muscles or even a slip and fall injury. To make the most of your time in the yard and avoid potential injuries, keep the following safety issues in mind.

  1. Be aware of your position. Watch your back, knee and shoulder posture!
  2. Use ergonomic tools and proper clothing. Efficiency and ease of use is very important!
  3. Avoid heights. Please stay off ladders and chairs. Ask someone else to help with elevated items!
  4. Pace yourself. Yardwork isn’t a race, you don’t need to get it all done in one weekend!

While a few of my senior friends still cherish doing their yardwork, many don’t want to bother with it any longer. The upkeep has become too physically challenging and the cost of paying someone is sky-rocketing.

To learn more about a maintenance free lifestyle where you don’t have to worry about the lawn, doing laundry or even doing the dishes, give me a call today!

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