Nursing Careers in Home Healthcare
vs. Senior Living

Nursing Careers in Home Healthcare <br /> vs. Senior Living

Nurses have so many different options when it comes to providing care, and every option comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Serving in home healthcare provides nurses the flexibility to work as little or as much as they’d like, with the added pleasure of knowing you are able to help individuals who need extra care stay in the comfort of their own homes. Individuals who choose to stay in home healthcare are satisfied with their jobs and their supervisors, enjoy making a difference in the lives of their patients, and appreciate being able to practice their skill specialties.

But the home healthcare industry has its drawbacks as well. Flexibility is nice, but the unpredictability of part-time or PRN work can lead to frustrations and anxiety about your schedule and your finances. Flexibility is also offset by assignments that add lengthy commutes to reach various people’s homes. On top of that, home healthcare nurses often cope with inconsistent patient assignments, which can limit your ability to build meaningful relationships with the people you are caring for.

Often the reasons individuals enjoy serving as a home healthcare provider are the very same reasons nurses choose to enter the field of senior living, except they trade in some of the drawbacks for additional advantages.

Senior Living Brings New Balance to Nursing

As a care provider in a senior living community, you can leave behind the long commutes and unpredictability of your schedule while hanging onto the flexibility you need to make your life and job work together. Danbury prides itself on helping all employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. If you aren’t satisfied with the time you have outside of work, you won’t be satisfied at work, either.

Senior Living Emphasizes Relationship Building

Even with longer term assignments in home healthcare, you are still a visitor in someone else’s domain. There’s something different about the relationship when those you care for are living in a shared community. Nurses in senior living are able to build relationships with their patients and their patients’ friends, and since there’s no rush to leave the house for the next residence, there’s a more relaxed atmosphere for those relationships to blossom. Even on days when you aren’t seeing a client for their healthcare, you still see them in the hallways and common areas, greeted with a smile and a wave.

Senior Living Focuses on Extending Quality of Life

At Danbury, our nursing professionals are there to help our residents live the fullest, most vibrant life possible, which means developing whole health plans that emphasize physical activity, nutrition, socializing, and medication management. It’s a whole different mentality that is integrated into all areas of our residents’ lives.

Senior Living Provides the Same Job Satisfaction of Home Healthcare without the Uncertainties

With competitive pay, flexible work hours, a location near your local community, and our family atmosphere, Danbury Senior Living provides nurses with all of the same perks of home healthcare, and then some. If you’re ready to bring new balance to your nursing career, learn more about nursing at Danbury and explore job opportunities at one of our communities today!

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