I try to exercise every day, but my brain still feels foggy. What can I do?

I try to exercise every day, but my brain still feels foggy. What can I do?

Does your doctor ask you if you’ve been exercising regularly?  We all know that if you don’t exercise your muscles with weights and cardio you run the risk of ill health. As the saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you will probably lose it.”

But what about one of the biggest muscles in the body?  Does the doctor ask you if you’ve read any good books, finished any crosswords, or penned a poem lately?

As we age, many people stop a daily regiment of brain exercises. We tend to watch more TV, spend time alone, and eat more comfort food instead of challenging ourselves. Don’t forget the importance of daily Brain Fitness.  Use it or Lose it! There are many little things we can do every day to exercise our brain. Here are a few:

  • Try something new. Read something new. Go someplace new. Meet someone new. Research indicates that our neurons fire like rockets when our brain is challenged!
  • Do some math! Did you love Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus but all you ever do these days is balance the check book? Ask your grandkids for a math textbook and see what you can still do!
  • A lack of socialization these days is a major problem for everyone. Join a group or volunteer where distancing but also socialization is practiced.
  • Try Neurobics. Keepingyourbrainalive.com shows that doing these exercises actually help our brain muscle grow and get stronger! Look for these exercises on YouTube and Google.

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