What can seniors do to feel fulfilled?

What can seniors do to feel fulfilled?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know my goal is to help people age gracefully and successfully. I always say, “We only get one chance at this, let’s do it the right way!” For many people who have experienced the many losses of growing older like loss of family, loss of independence, loss of health, etc., they may have also lost the feeling of living a fulfilling life. They just kind of give in to aging and stop with meaningful activities. According to my friends at Vantage Aging in Summit County, the reasons for volunteering and performing “meaningful duties” are endless.

Volunteerism can improve your health, relationships, and skillsets. Here are a few of the benefits of volunteering for older adults.

  1. It’s good for your mental health. Volunteering keeps the brain active, which contributes to mental health.
  2. It prevents loneliness and isolation. Meeting like-minded people of a similar age easily leads to new friends!
  3. It increases physical activity. Volunteering keeps you moving. Serving meals at a shelter or cleaning up your local parks keeps your body active.
  4. It teaches us new skills. According to Scientific American, this is one of the best things we can do to keep our brains healthy and active.

At Danbury Senior Living, we are focused on helping seniors live their best life, we call it “The Danbury Difference.” Give us a call today to learn about how we help our seniors live a fulfilled life every day.

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JIll Bell

Jill Bell, Executive Director 

Jill has over 20 years of experience in sales and management in both residential property and healthcare. She said, "Working in healthcare is a very fulfilling career and I always look forward to every day knowing that I will be working with a wonderful team and that what we do supports the residents and families."


Sara Szink

Sara Szink, Director of Sales and Marketing

Sara comes to Danbury Brunswick with a diverse background with Danbury Senior Living. She's worked in dining, resident care, life enrichment, at the home office, and now with Danbury Brunswick.  She's excited to help seniors with their journey to senior living.