How can a senior best celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially this year?

How can a senior best celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially this year?

Every year on February 14 we celebrate “Romantic Love” and all that goes with it. But what if you are a senior? Or maybe a single senior? Maybe the notion of a “romantic evening for two” has seen better days. Oh, and need I mention there’s still a global pandemic going on? No matter your romantic situation or relationship status, here are some ideas to help make Valentine’s Day special for everyone.

  1. Pamper yourself. The benefits of seniors (men and women) having a homemade spa day include: a relaxed body and mind, boosted immunity and increased optimism.
  2. Send a gift or flowers. Pick a family member or friend and send small something with a note “Thinking of you today.” Trust me, it will bless your heart as much as theirs!
  3. Romantic Movie Marathon. When is the last time you watched a sappy love story just for the sake of enjoying the romance?
  4. Write a letter from your heart. This could be a “Thank You” note to a neighbor or an “I love you note” to a child or grandchild. If it is from the heart it will make you feel great.
  5. Exercise your heart. What a great day to focus on your health. Go for a walk or hike. Maybe even include your brain by doing Valentine’s Day themed word search and crosswords.

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