What can a Senior do to stay active in the winter?

What can a Senior do to stay active in the winter?

Now that it’s the middle of January we can say that “winter is actually here.” Unfortunately for many of my Senior friends, this means “hibernation time is here!” I know many local seniors who spend the other 3 seasons hiking, biking, swimming, and all other sorts of activities, but when it gets too cold they hibernate! While an occasional break is good for the body, soul, and mind, we can’t avoid activity for 3 months and not expect negative results!

Here are some tips for my Senior friends to stay active:

  1. Regularly attend an online fitness class. If you look online for scheduled, senior exercise programs, you’ll be shocked at how many there are! Use the spare bedroom or basement as your own Fitness Center!
  2. Look up programs like Chair Chi or Ballo-Flex. Chair-based programs are great for those whose knees or back just don’t work like they used to! These programs are surprisingly challenging.
  3. Use what you have. Use cans of soup or water bottles as hand weights. Go from a sitting to a standing position out of a dining room chair two to three times in a row. Walk up and down a hallway or large open space. Go up and down your stairs multiple times. Turn up the music and dance in your kitchen. This list is endless when you once you get started!

Of course, one should always check with their medical team and use caution when starting any exercise program. Did you know that Danbury Senior Living has a gym, indoor walking areas, and daily group exercise classes? Maybe now is the time for you to give us a call to learn more!

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