How do I know if I need assisted living?

How do I know if I need assisted living?

I recently got a nice call from a reader who thought their mom needs assisted living. When I asked for details, I learned that, aside from a few medications, their mother was pretty independent! At 86 years old, their mother was still cooking and living at home. She stopped driving a few years ago and consequently, her social life has decreased drastically. When I asked several times why they thought mom needed assisted living, they kept saying “Well, she’s 86 and alone!” We then had a nice conversation about reasons why mom can benefit from a move to Danbury, even as independent as she is. Here are a few:

  • Physical Safety and Well-being. No more calling her every hour to see if she’s ok.
  • Emotional Well-being. Family can rest assured that mom is having fun with neighbors of the same age and interests.
  • Household Well-being. Everyone can relax knowing that meals, housekeeping, and maintenance are all taken care of by trained and caring professionals.

Being in the right care environment for a senior can mean a world of difference when it comes to their well-being. At home, alone, usually leads to depression, malnutrition, and lethargy. A move to Danbury Senior Living generally leads to an active lifestyle, healthy meals, and new friendships! Want to know more? Give me us call today!

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