Today's Benefits of Working in Senior Living

Today's Benefits of Working in Senior Living

With staffing shortages across the country, healthcare workers and care providers have so many options when it comes to employment. Hospitals are understaffed, home health care providers are seeking workers, physician’s offices need help, and senior living communities want to provide the best care possible to their residents. Now is an excellent time to be able to choose the work environment that works for you instead of settling for a job just because it gives you a paycheck. Here are several reasons why choosing to work in senior living communities is a great choice for healthcare workers right now:

Long-Term Relationships with Patients

In virtually every other setting, healthcare providers have to operate on a touch-and-go, check-in and check-out relationship with their patients. Sometimes they don’t see their patients for months on end, if ever again. If you work in a hospital setting, the job can only be so personal—a person comes in for care and leaves sometimes all in one day, never to be seen by you again. You can start to feel like a part of an assembly line of sick patients, which leads to burnout and job dissatisfaction.

But in senior living communities, healthcare providers have the unique opportunity to work alongside residents for their ongoing health and wellness. They build long lasting relationships with their patients in ways that even their primary care providers can’t. These personal connections add immeasurable value to the daily lives of nurses and care providers.

Wide Range of Practice

As a care provider in a senior living facility, nurses have an opportunity to use a wide range of skills they’ve developed over the years to tend to the needs of their patients. Nurses are able to use the full breadth of their knowledge and experience to maintain the community’s quality of life.

Health-Based Care

Generally speaking, nurses and healthcare providers in a senior living community are in the business of keeping their residents healthy rather than treating patients who are ill. There is a fundamental difference in a healthcare worker’s day when it is oriented around good nutrition, exercise, and laughter, keeping residents well.

An Essential Member of the Team

Nurses are appreciated and valued for the kindness, compassion, and care they uniquely bring into senior living communities. They are viewed as an essential part of the team, by both residents and other team members on staff. This day-in and day-out appreciation contributes a lot in terms of job satisfaction.

Special Care for Special People

You meet all kinds of people in senior living communities. Each resident has lived a lifetime of experiences they are excited to share with you, stories that will change your heart, bring you joy, and shape the way you live in ways you can’t even imagine. Where else in healthcare are you provided such an opportunity?

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, Danbury Senior Living offers these and many additional benefits for healthcare workers and care providers. Explore all of the perks of being a Danbury team member and review job openings at one of our locations today!

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